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The Ecosystem approach: from theory to application in England Tom Tew Natural England Delivering Nature’s Services.

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1 The Ecosystem approach: from theory to application in England Tom Tew Natural England Delivering Nature’s Services

2 Why do we need to change? A healthy natural environment provides us with a range of benefits which is integral to our health, wellbeing and happiness Despite this our natural environment is not in good shape Air pollution reduces life expectancy of every person in the UK by an average of 7-8 months, with estimated annual health costs of £20 billion Over a fifth of land in England is at high risk of soil erosion, threatening the health and viability of our land

3 Why is this? Natural England view is that: many people don’t understand the benefits of a healthy natural environment consequently we don’t value it we therefore don’t make decisions taking these benefits in mind we don’t remunerate those who are managing the land in a way that reflects the services they provide

4 Millennium Ecosystem Assessment (2005)

5 Ecosystem Services – making it real! T..... Or the good stuff we get from nature.

6 The Ecosystem Approach A strategy for sustainable land and sea management Significantly it puts people and sustainability at the heart of environmental management It expresses the benefits as ecosystem goods and services (i.e. this is one part of the approach) The valuation of these services either in monetary terms or in proxy values can inform decisions on land and sea use change

7 Growing recognition...

8 Key links UK National Ecosystem Assessment (NEA) TEEB ( The economics of ecosystems and biodiversity) The Natural Value Programme Natural Environment White Paper Climate change Green infrastructure......

9 How is it relevant to the South Pennines? Provides a range of benefits to people with and adjacent to the site (water, recreation, food...) The approach offers possible alternative incomes for upland managers Scope for improved benefits to people in and around the area

10 The Ecosystem Approach in practice ? ? ? ?

11 Aims of the pilots Looking to use the ecosystem approach to define land management in three areas To demonstrate that investment in the natural environment can result in multiple benefits (carbon, water, biodiversity, recreational and health benefits...) for people and society in a cost effective way The aim is to work in partnership to deliver an optimal range of ecosystem services on a defined spatial area in a cost effective way and link these services to the beneficiaries!... its about agreeing and implementing a vision for a ‘place’ – the working hypothesis is that a healthy functioning environment is best at delivering multiple benefits.

12 What’s new? These pilots are unique because: real places, real people, real delivery – real challenges! we are taking an ecosystem approach from the bottom up we are designing the delivery of ecosystem services into the projects from the outset; they will deliver multiple benefits: environmental, economic, social and cultural; we will change land and water management to do this; we will develop new institutions and partnerships to link those that provide the services (the land managers) to those that benefit from them.

13 Project steps Develop partnerships and define pilot area Identify services currently provided and those who benefit Develop a consensus view on future service provision and scenario(s) to deliver this Work with partners to pool resources to contribute to the delivery Value the scenario(s) relative to the status quo (£) Defining the land management required to achieve this vision

14 Where we are working Pilot focused on South Pennines NCA Targeted delivery (‘on the ground‘ land use change) in two water supply catchments - joint work with Yorkshire Water & United Utilities Learning from upland restoration works in nearby Stean Moor and ‘reference’ sites

15 Current service provision With partners we have been compiling existing information on the value of the South Pennines and focal catchments This ‘baseline’ will be used as a reference for valuing future change

16 Ecosystem Services Characteristics South Pennines NCA: Major drinking water supply area Extensive upland blanket bog (C store potential and current w-q issue) A remote upland landscape surrounded by a large urban population and significant recreational opportunities An important biodiversity asset of national and international importance






22 Hebden Bridge Flooding Jan 2008

23 What do we want from you? Support and engagement with the project through Pennine Prospects Think about what it is you get from the South Pennines and what you would like more or less of in the future Consider an ecosystem approach as you go forward - in the decisions that are taken, can we ensure that the full value of the natural environment is taken into account?

24 What does success look like? Overall, a healthier natural environment which provides a wider range of services and benefits to people who appreciate them. These services will be better delivered and offer better value for money through the integration of land management and through the integration of rewards and incentives to those providing the services.

25 ...or more of this for now and the future.

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