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Unit 1 Cont’d.

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1 Unit 1 Cont’d

2 Video Questions Explain at least 4 ideas specifically stated in the Articles of the Constitution Name at least three sources of inspiration for the American constitution and explain which concepts we borrowed from them

3 What was the Constitutional Convention?
Intended to fix the problems with the Articles of Confederation Many knew from the outset that the Articles would have to be replaced 55 delegates attended the meeting in Philadelphia Including: George Washington, James Madison, Alexander Hamilton States sent various amounts of delegates but each state had only one vote Washington was elected President of the Convention

4 The Framers of the Constitution
“Great men there were, it is true, but the convention as a whole was composed of…professional men, business men, and gentlemen of leisure; patriotic statesmen and clever, scheming politicians; some trained by experience and study for the task before them; and others utterly unfit. It was essentially a representative body” -Max Farrand, The Framing of the Constitution of the United States

5 What was the Virginia Plan?
Madison came to the convention with a new plan for national gov’t called the Virginia Plan The plan proposed a strong national government Proposed the federal system (federalism) Each citizen would be governed under the authority of TWO governments: the national, and the state Important: The Virginia Plan was meant to REPLACE the Articles of Confederation

6 What was the response to the Virginia Plan?
What was accepted? Bicameral Legislature: Two houses in government could check on each other What was controversial? Proportional Representation: States would receive more votes in Congress if they had a larger population Supported by Madison and the Virginia Plan Popular among larger states Equal Representation: All states would receive equal votes in Congress regardless of population Popular among smaller states

7 Critical Thinking What do you think is more fair, proportional or equal representation? Explain your answer.

8 What was the New Jersey Plan?
Proposed to keep the framework of the Articles of Confederation Congress would have only one house Congress would gain some power The power to tax The power to regulate trade The power to appoint several persons to an executive branch A supreme court would be appointed by the executive branch

9 What was the response to the New Jersey Plan?
The plan was defeated in a vote by the convention This effectively ended the idea of the unicameral legislature

10 What was the Great Compromise?
A special committee was put together to make a compromise between the various plans for new government They came up with Connecticut, or Great Compromise The House of Representatives would be elected by proportional representation The Senate would be elected by equal representation

11 What was the response to the Great Compromise?
Opposed by some on both sides of the issue including James Madison The Compromise passed by a single vote

12 What was the purpose of the Three-Fifths Compromise?
The three-fifths compromise answered the question of how slaves would be counted in regards to proportional representation Many southerners argued that slaves should be counted as “full persons” Northerners disagreed “Wouldn’t the elected representatives simply serve the interest of slave-owners? Those interests were directly opposed to the interests of slaves themselves, who would choose freedom if they could”

13 What did the Three-Fifths compromise state?
The entire population would be counted periodically (the census) to determine proportional representation Slaves would count as three-fifths of a free person

14 Critical Thinking If you were part of the constitutional convention what would be your position on how slaves would be counted to determine representation? Would you have been satisfied by the Three-Fifths compromise?

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