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CQI Project: Create an Orientation Brochure for New Pediatric Outpatient Families.

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1 CQI Project: Create an Orientation Brochure for New Pediatric Outpatient Families

2 Question Are families informed about the clinic and therapist expectations of the family in regards to carryover of home program, attendance and therapy sessions? In pediatric therapy settings we are generally dependent on the caregivers to carry out home programs and work towards meeting therapy goals.? Can a brochure outlining these expectations at the outset of therapy services improve family participation?

3 Process A brochure was created which informs families of the protocols we follow in treating our clients and expectations we have of the family to help meet therapy goals

4 Next steps 1. Produce a small quantity of these brochures to distribute to new families. 2. Determine if family participation in therapy sessions and with home programs improves. 3. Are therapy goals being met faster? 4. Are families independent with carryover of home programs?

5 Contract of Care Pediatric Rehabilitation Services 719 Thompson Lane, Suite 21000 Nashville, TN 615-343-6445 Pediatric Rehabilitation Services Family Orientation Brochure Contract of Care Our promise to you is to provide a Plan of Care that outlines the goals, time frame of treatment and strategies used to accomplish them. In return we ask for your commitment to this plan.

6 We realize that beginning therapy for your child can carry with it a variety of feelings. If this is your first experience with pediatric therapy or our clinic, we expect anxiety and excitement surrounding the first visits. Goal Our primary goal is to help your child progress through developmental stages and acquire new skills to reach their greatest potential. We are a teacher and coach for your family to help your child achieve their greatest level of success and independence. Facilities and staff Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital has made the commitment to provide the region with an experienced staff of physical, occupational and speech therapist in a brand new state of the art clinic at the new Vanderbilt Health One Hundred Oaks location. Treatment session Treating your child includes examining, evaluating, and assessing the areas in which your child may have challenges and then incorporating activities to address these areas. We discuss our concerns about your child and examine and evaluate your child using any combination of standardized tests, observations and clinical experience Your child will be encouraged and pushed to try new and challenging activities. At times this may be upsetting to you or your child, but trust that your therapist will not push your child beyond realistic expectations. Session Length Treatment sessions are generally scheduled in one hour increments. This does not necessarily mean the session will last the full hour. If the therapist determines that the goals for the day have been met or the child has reached his limits the session will end. Between Visits Carry over at home is vital in making progress and parents/caregivers must be an active participant once they leave the clinic. Activities in therapy sessions are meant to be models for you to repeat consistently at home. Progress A Plan of Care is reviewed frequently with families to gauge progress towards your goals and ensure sessions are focused on mastering the skills needed to meet goals. We want your time with us to lead towards your child’s independence and success at home. We want our families to utilize therapy as a transitional bridge to independence, not as never ending weekly repetition of prior sessions.

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