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Holywell-cum-Needingworth Our parish and our church.

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1 Holywell-cum-Needingworth Our parish and our church

2 There are two villages in our parish. The smaller one is called Holywell. This is by a river and has lots of old houses. The parish


4 The larger of the two villages is called Needingworth. It also has old buildings, but most of the houses are more modern. The parish


6 Our church is dedicated to St John the Baptist. It stands on a little hill and is a very old building. The church


8 Near the church is our holy well. Years ago people came to the well for holy water, which they believed would cure them of illnesses. The church


10 Every year, on St John the Baptist’s Day, we make a picture from flower petals next to the holy well and the priest blesses the well. The church


12 Many people visit the church, to worship and also to see the inside, which is very beautiful. Parts of it are 700 years old! The church



15 On Sundays our priest, Reverend Liz, leads us in our worship. Our organist, David, plays music and the church choir sing hymns. The church


17 Sometimes we have games and races for children in the churchyard. The church


19 The members of the church also worship outside the church. Once a year we have a special service in the open air to honour people from our parish who died in wars. The church


21 In the autumn at harvest time we thank God for our food and then eat a meal together in the village school. The church


23 Sometimes when the weather is good we go to the side of the river to play music and worship God in the open air. The church


25 At Christmas many people come to the church to celebrate the birth of Jesus. The weather is very cold at that time and sometimes we have snow! The church


27 Holywell-cum-Needingworth We hope you have enjoyed seeing our parish and our church!

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