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Welcome to Hampshire Middle School

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1 Welcome to Hampshire Middle School
Kurt Rohlwing, Principal Dawn Reig, Assistant Principal Jim Herff, Assistant Principal Niki Burkey, Assistant Principal(Interim)

2 6th Grade Parent Orientation
OBJECTIVES FOR THIS EVENING Introduce the middle school curriculum Describe a typical middle school day Share upcoming transition activities

3 Middle School Day Student Hours: 8:45 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.
Main Office Hours: 7:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. 6th grade students have 9 class periods in a day Passing periods are 3 minutes

4 Middle School Concept Team structure Purple/White Core subjects
Common plan time Integrated curriculum Better home/school communication

5 *Accelerated course offered
Grades 6-8 Curriculum Math* Language Arts* Literature* Social Studies Science *Accelerated course offered

6 Assessment & Grading Middle school student grades are based on traditional letter grades. Students will participate in a variety of assessments to determine their grades. Parents are encouraged to sign-up for the District 300 Parent Portal as a way to monitor your child’s progress.

7 Exploratory Education
The philosophy of the D300 Exploratory Program is to offer students a variety of experiences. In sixth grade these experiences include: Art Technology I Technology II Intro to Spanish

8 Exploratory Education
Seventh Grade Exploratory Classes Include: Art Technology I Technology II Study Skills Eighth Grade Exploratory Classes Include: Current Issues * Selected students at grades 7 and 8 have the opportunity to enroll in year-round AVID or Spanish in place of Exploratory

9 Band, Orchestra & Choir Band, orchestra and choir students meet as a group each day. Students may elect to be in band/choir or orchestra/choir or just one music. Students in two music classes will have an A/B schedule. Students will also receive small group instruction/lessons for band and orchestra. Student participation in reading and/or math interventions may impact the number of days of music participation.

10 Physical Education Sixth grade students receive PE every day for three of four quarters. Students will receive Health during one of the four quarters. PE uniforms and locks are required.

11 Extended Learning Time
More Than Just A Study Hall Consists of academic support/enrichment, study skills, organizational skill, PBIS lessons etc. Students will be given approximately 30 minutes to complete homework. Students will get RTI interventions during ELT periods. Students in Music Programs will not have an ELT.

12 A Sample 6th Grade Schedule
1st Period: Core – Language Arts 2nd Period: Core - Literature 3rd Period: Core - Science 4th Period: Lunch 5th Period: Core – Math 6th Period: Physical Education 7th Period: Exploratory 8th Period: Extended Learning Time (ELT)/Music 9th Period: Core – Social Studies *Classes average 42 minutes in length. *Lunch is 30 minutes long.

13 PBIS Students are expected to respect Peers Academics World Self

14 PBIS The expected behaviors are taught at the beginning of the school year in every class. Students are walked through examples of the behaviors Throughout the school year the PBIS team has created “cool tool” lessons that are reminders of correct behaviors in different situations

15 Cafeteria Cafeteria supervisors will go over specific rules the first day No charging of meals even if the student forgets their lunch Payments are made in the cafeteria or online

16 Lines of Communication
School Newsletter District Newsletter Website Phone/Homework Hotline Team Homework Web Page Infinite Campus Report Cards Mid-Terms School Counselor Mrs. Forsyth * Mr. Wier

17 Middle School Transition Activities
Elementary School Visit 5/04/15 Summer Orientations TBA Fall Open House 9/1/2015 Parent-Teacher Conferences November 23 & 24, 2015

18 And Finally . . .

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