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Olympic Reply. Olympic Torch Arrives in the UK Olympic Stadium.

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1 Olympic Reply

2 Olympic Torch Arrives in the UK

3 Olympic Stadium

4 Sports Relief Sports relief is a national sporting event where celebrities, schools and communities get together to raise money for those in need. The most famous celebrities this year that raised the largest amount of money were David Walliams (comedian) and John Bishop (comedian). Both of which participated in strenuous water activities for the cause.

5 What We Did For sports relief this year we did a mile run, every student took part from the school. We raised £1170 for this charity. All students and all staff took part in various costumes and themes.


7 Our Achievements One of our year 10 Students won a gold medal at the Scottish Taekwondo championships. One of our Year 11 boys is currently playing for Stoke City premier league football team. We have 2 members of Team GB Judo team in their age group.

8 Ladies Football One of our students plays for Birmingham City Women’s Team, who last week beat Chelsea Ladies to win the FA Women’s Cup

9 Table Tennis Students from Waseley Hills have recently taken part in a training scheme to qualify as Table Tennis Officials. They will now use these skills to umpire at the Worcestershire School Games in June

10 Teaching Assistant Dancing in Olympic Ceremony A teaching Assistant from our school, Zoe Randall has been chosen to dance in the Olympic Ceremony Auditions for Olympic Dancers

11 Explosion – Dance Show Every year we hold a dance and music show called Dance Explosion. Anyone can audition to take part (including teachers). There is a different theme every year and it is very popular with students

12 Sports I participate in at my school. My name is Laura and I am in year 10. I have recently being playing for my school netball team. We play home and away matches either at our school or at the competitors schools. I enjoy this sport because it keeps me active and builds my team work skills within our netball team, I love most sports. We only have a netball club in the winter months this is because we have various other sports clubs in the summer like football, rounder's and cricket.

13 Every week, our music teacher holds a choir session. We sing a variety of songs. Over a period of time, our music teacher organises musical events like singing in the local church for Christmas or singing for a concert which is held at school. The choir had over 20 members last year doing the Christmas concert which was really good. This is Beacon church where the Christmas concerts were held. These are our Music Teachers CHOIR

14 Return to the Forbidden Planet Later this year we will be performing the musical production, Return to the Forbidden Planet. This is based on Shakespeare's The Tempest and the 1950s science fiction film Forbidden Planet and should be a lot of fun.

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