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What we offer: Adams Carpenter Chestnut Hill Chippewassee Cook Eastlawn Longview Mills Parkdale Plymouth Siebert Woodcrest.

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2 What we offer:

3 Adams Carpenter Chestnut Hill Chippewassee Cook Eastlawn Longview Mills Parkdale Plymouth Siebert Woodcrest

4 Singing learning to sing on pitch within a limited comfortable range learning to hear a short melody and sing it back Movement and Rhythm able to demonstrate a feel for the beat through fundamental movements able to follow directions in performing simple singing games and dances able to imitate rhythmic sounds and chant rhythms developing skill in playing simple rhythm and melody instruments Music Reading able to recognize symbols for simple notation beginning to take simple one or two measure rhythmic dictation Playing Classroom Instruments introduced to and developing skills in playing melodic and rhythmic instruments Listening able to identify pitch relationships as higher, lower, or the same able to describe melodic movement in terms of up, down, same, skip, step, etc able to distinguish between and respond to fast-slow and loud-soft able to distinguish between strong vs. weak beats and short vs. long notes able to discriminate between like and unlike phrases and patterns aware of the mood of a listening example introduced to electronic music as well as traditional instrument sounds First and Second Grades

5 Third and Fourth Grades Singing improving in ability to sing accurately within an expanded range developing the ability to sing rounds and ostinati within a group Movement and Rhythm displays a recognition of even and uneven rhythms aware that music moves in 2s or 3s. Playing Classroom Instruments improving skill in playing melodic and rhythmic instruments discovering the expressive possibilities of various instrument combinations Music Reading has knowledge of the letter names of the treble clef staff learns the significance of the top number in time signatures recognizes repeat sign, bar line, measure, double bar, dynamic markings and fermata Listening and Form recognizes the structure of 2 and 3 part song form identifies common orchestral instruments and associates instrumental tone color with musical experiences introduced to composers

6 Fifth Grade Singing demonstrating improvement in tone production and diction introduced to singing in rounds, descants, and partner songs distinguishes between duple and triple meter Playing Classroom Instruments exhibiting increased skill in playing ostinati and descants playing simple melodic patterns on melodic instruments from notation Music Reading understands most frequently encountered time signatures and note values recognizes existence of triplets, dotted notes, and syncopation Listening able to recognize differences in tonalities listening with increased perception to a wide variety of music identifying contemporary instrumentation (rock, jazz, electronic, etc) learning to be musically tolerant and is learning to formulate positive attitudes toward music from all areas and cultures Performances acquires a varied repertoire of American folk songs which are developmentally appropriate and artistically sound participates in appropriate performance events such as school and community programs, etc

7 How is music class different from choir? Music class offers a broad music education in all areas, such as concepts in rhythm, pitch, music history, form, genre and basic notation. Choir is a performance group which focuses on vocal technique and application of musical knowledge and skills acquired through music class. These skills are demonstrated through selected repertoire in concert.

8 Choir meets once each week, in addition to music class. Choir meets during the regular school day. Fifth grade students may play an instrument in the band or orchestra and also sing in the choir.

9 Fifth grade students have the opportunity to join their instrumental music program. Our goal is to provide students with a challenging, fun, and enriching musical experience that will provide a solid foundation for participation in the middle and high school instrumental program. Instruments and instruction are provided by the school.

10 Anyone can learn to play an instrument with a little time and practice. Along with learning to play your instrument you will also learn to read, count, and interpret music. The instruments taught in the band program are Flute, Clarinet, Trumpet, Trombone and Percussion. Choose the right instrument for you. You might want to consider which instrument’s sound you like the best, and which one you would most like to see yourself playing. You will also have an opportunity to try a couple of instruments before making your final choice. If you have a strong interest, practice regularly, ask for help when you need it, and attend band class regularly, you will be very successful! Parent support and encouragement also play an important role.

11 The instruments taught in the orchestra program are Violin, Viola, Cello and Bass. Classes meet three times each week, usually with two classes before or after school and one class during the school day. Students play from a book one method and play motivational pieces as well. Students will perform in several concerts during the year. Our goal is to provide your child with a challenging and satisfying skill that will last a lifetime.

12 When a child learns by experience that music forges direct links between self and world, self-expression becomes more fluent; the music helps interpret "who I am." Growing up Complete, the report of the National Commission on Music Education, 1990

13 Contact your elementary school music teachers. Visit music class, choir, band and orchestra rehearsals. Find out more about the Midland Public Schools Music Program. Make music a part of your child’s life.

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