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Ancient China Dynasties, Philosophers and Ancient Life.

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1 Ancient China Dynasties, Philosophers and Ancient Life

2 Geography Huang He (Yellow River) Named for the rich yellow soil it carries Runs from Mongolia to the Pacific Ocean Chang Jiang (Yangtze River) Runs east across Central China to the Yellow Sea Longer than the Huang He During the Shang Dynasty, China began to grow. The first city was the Anyang (China’s first capital)

3 Life in Ancient China Landowning aristocrats Peasant farmers Merchants Aristocrats owned large estates. They lived in large houses with courtyards and gardens. They had fine furniture and silk hangings. The houses were surrounded by walls. Farmers lived in simple houses inside village walls. The aristocrats owned the fields outside the walls and the farmers worked the land. They grew wheat, millet, and rice. Merchants included shopkeepers, traders and bankers. They lived in towns and provided services to the landowners. Merchants were not allowed government jobs.

4 Ancient Life Filial Piety: Children had to respect their parents, and older relatives. Family members placed the needs and desires of the head of the family above their own. For farming, Chinese created terraces for farming and used insects to protect crops. They used bronze and iron tools such as a hoe, plow blade and shovel.  Ancient China worshiped spirits and ancestors.  Oracle Bones: carvings on bones that priests would read and interpret.  Pictographs: characters that represent objects  Ideographs: characters that represent ideas

5 Four Chinese Dynasties ShangZhouQinHan When 1750-1045 BC1045-256 BC221-206 BC202BC-220 AD Important Leaders -Numerous kings with large armies and control over the land. -Ruled from capital city of Anyang. WuQin ShihuangdiLiu Bang Main Ideas/ Accomplishm ents Developed social classes *Fu Hao, first female in China’s history to receive the highest military rank -Longest dynasty in Chinese history -Established Mandate of Heaven And Dao (duty) -Bureaucracy -Strengthened central government. -Created one monetary system. -Population and landmass grew under Han -Opened China to trade (built Silk Road) Influences on Chinese Culture Influenced Chinese religion and culture -created written language -calendar -musical instruments -Use of bronze Developed irrigation and flood-control systems. Introduced use of censors to check on government officials.-Qin built Great Wall Created government’s civil service exam. -inventions: steel, paper, acupuncture, advanced sea travel.

6 Ancient China

7 Chinese Philosophers ConfucianismDaoismLegalism FounderConfuciusLaoziHanfeize Main IdeasPeople should put the needs of their family and community first People should give up worldly desires in favor of nature and the Dao Society needs a system of harsh laws and strict punishment Influence on Modern Life Many Chinese today accept his idea of duty to family. His ideas helped open up government jobs to people with talent. Daoism teaches the importance of nature and encourages people to teat nature with respect and reverence. Legalists developed laws that became an important part of Chinese history.

8 Ancient China Timeline Overview Shang dynast y begins Wu Wang creates Zhou dynasty Confu cius is born 300 BC Laozi’s ideas of Daoism become popular Qin dynast y begins 202 BC Liu Bang founds Han dynasty Hanfei zi develo ps Legali sm 100 AD Silk Road Establi shed 190 AD Rebel armies attack Han capital 1750 BC 1045 BC 551 BC 300 BC 221 BC 202 BC 200 BC 100 AD 190 AD

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