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Chapter 11: Section four Mexican Revolution Prelude to WWI What happened? And When?

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1 Chapter 11: Section four Mexican Revolution Prelude to WWI What happened? And When?

2 Woodrow Wilson was president and was not experienced with international affairs

3 Political Unrest in Mexico 1877-1910: Porfirio Diaz was a brutal dictator that brought order to Mexico after 66 years of war and unrest

4 Foreign Investors became interested in Mexico- $1 billion traded with the U.S. by 1913

5 1910: Porfirio Diaz ran for re-election using force and fraud he won his 8 th term

6 Opposition to Diaz’s dictatorship began Emiliano Zapata – poor, from southern Mexico led a rebel army Francisco Madero- wealthy idealist, from Northern Mexico

7 Madero’s ideas started the Mexican Revolution- which overthrew Diaz

8 Madero easily won the 1 st democratic election in 30 years. The United States supported Madero.

9 Supporters of Diaz began rebelling and fighting- many Mexicans died in the violence

10 Victoriano Huerta, Madero’s commanding general restored power in Mexico and then arrested and imprisoned Madero

11 Madero was murdered when he “allegedly” attempted to escape- this outraged the U.S. President Woodrow Wilson refused to recognize Huerta’s New government

12 4 separate rebel armies continue to fight Huerta’s men- The U.S. Navy intervenes because Germany is shipping them weapons. July 1914 Huerta resigns.

13 2 of the men fighting for control ~ Alvero Obregon ~Venustaino Carranza becomes provisional President after returning from hiding

14 Venustiano Carranza

15 These 2 men control nearly 2/3 of Mexico by 1915 ~Emeliano Zapata (still fighting!!!) ~Francisco “Pancho Villa”

16 The United States recognizes Venustiano Carranza as the new government in Mexico, which upsets Pancho Villa --He wants revenge on the U.S.--

17 What Happens next???

18 Pancho Villa

19 March 1916 Pancho Villa and his men crossed the border into America and burned and looted a small U.S. town killing 17 Americans and 100 of Pancho Villa’s men.

20 Without asking Carranza’s government in Mexico permission- Wilson ordered a military raid to find Pancho Villa. The military was led by John J Pershing.

21 General John J Pershing

22 The deeper Pershing and the US Army went into Mexico chasing Pancho Villa the longer the threat of war with Mexico grew

23 Even with 15,000 men Pershing never caught Villa and President Woodrow Wilson withdrew the troops in January of 1917

24 Under Venustiano Carranza’s new government in Mexico a new Mexican Constitution was put into effect February 5, 1917

25 By 1917 the War in Europe (The Great War) was growing larger and larger. Wilson realized the need to avoid war with Mexico as well as the impending need to conserve the U.S. Military and John J. Pershing for the overwhelming possibility of sending our troops to Europe.

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