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1676 An Important Turning Point

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1 1676 An Important Turning Point
Bacon’s Rebellion 1676 An Important Turning Point

2 Nathaniel Bacon’s Rebellion: 1676 Governor William Berkeley
Who was Nathaniel Bacon? Why did he rebel? How did his rebellion change Virginia (& America) FOREVER?

3 Who was Nathaniel Bacon?
Wealthy & educated Goal →to establish tobacco plantation Forced to settle in the backwoods Piedmont region → “good” land in the Tidewater region was already taken!

4 Bacon confronts the governor!
Why did he rebel? Bacon became leader of Piedmont planters (many were poor ex-indentures servants) Piedmont plantations often attacked by Indians Bacon demanded Virginia Governor Berkeley to protect the Piedmont from Indian attacks → Governor refuses! Bacon confronts the governor!

5 How does this rebellion change Virginia?
For almost 2 years, Bacon & his followers attack BOTH Indians & Virginia colonial militia Jamestown set on fire! Conclusion = it is dangerous to have a large population of poor, ex-indentured servants!

6 Virginia increasingly turns to African workers to fill their labor needs.

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