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Murder on the Orient Express

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1 Murder on the Orient Express
Character Log Murder on the Orient Express

2 Learning Target: Analyzing character through their actions, words, and descriptions

3 Compartment 1. First…the detective…
M. Hercule Poirot Described as quite ordinary, short in stature with curly moustache. Very intelligent and extremely aware. He has a strong sense of moral law Theme:Appearances can be deceiving Passage: Page 7, “In spite of her preoccupations Mary Debenham smiled. A ridiculous-looking little man. The sort of little man one could never take seriously.”

4 And his friend… M. Bouc Director of the Compagnie Wagon Lits and formerly worked for the Belgian police with Poirot. Easily frustrated and confused. Does not always understand Poirot’s reasoning Is a passenger in a separate train car and is cleared of the murder. Thinks very highly of Poirot. Brains vs. Brawn: The mind is mightier than the sword. Passage: Page 56 “I have faith in you! I am assured that it is no idle boast of yours.. Lie back and think – use ( as I have heard you say so often) the little grey cells of the mind – and you will know!”

5 2. Ratchett (deceased) Real name Cassetti
Kidnapped and murdered the young Daisy Armstrong for a ransom Escapes punishment in the U.S. Described as having a malevolent appearance Passage: page 36 “If you will forgive me for being personal – I do not like your face, M. Ratchett.”

6 And the Doctor Dr. Constantine
Greek doctor who initially examines Ratchett He is travelling in a different train car so is not considered a suspect.

7 You will need to figure out who committed the crime.
The suspects You will need to figure out who committed the crime.

8 Copy the following chart in your journal.
Character’s Name Description: (Physical and Personality) Connections: To other passengers including Ratchett Evidence: What alibi and evidence do they present? (Also what motive would they have for killing Ratchett?)

9 Detective Work Write down the suspect’s name, their alibi/evidence they provide, and what their connection is to the Armstrong case (if any). Remember, you will need to use this information to help you decide who murdered Ratchett! I will give you SOME of the information, not all of it. You will have to fill in the blank spots.

10 Conductor’s Seat: Conductor Pierre Michel
Conductor of the Orient Express Does not initially fall under suspicion. Is concerned that M. Poirot feels he has been negligent at his job.

11 6/7. Hector McQueen Ratchett’s personal secretary
Father was the prosecuting attorney in the Armstrong case. Insists Ratchett did not speak French. Realizes he is incriminating himself

12 4. Edward Masterman Ratchett’s valet
Usually referred to by his function – “the valet” Polite, obedient Passage: page 108 “He swore at me and found fault with everything I did.”

13 3. Mrs. Hubbard American who constantly interrupts and creates diversions on the train. Known for her stories about her daughter. Mrs. Hubbard’s compartment is next to Ratchett’s Doesn’t care for non- Americans Passage: page 117 “Seems as though you don’t do anything but make objections.”

14 10. Greta Ohlsson Prone to crying and being emotional Very delicate
Swedish Works as a nurse Passage: Theme Justice vs. judgement page 128 “That there are in the world such evil men! It tries one’s faith.”

15 14. Princess Dragomiroff A Russian princess Despicable, ugly old lady
Described as having a yellow, toad-like face by Poirot Traveling with her maid Claims to be Sonia Armstong’s Godmother (Daisy’s mother) Friend with Linda Arden (Grandmother of Daisy) Passage: pae 138: “In my view, then, this murder is an entirely admirable happening!”

16 13. Count Andrenyi Hungarian Diplomat
Defensive and protective toward his wife. Claims he and his wife were sleeping and did not hear anything.

17 12. Countess Andrenyi Her passport has a smudge of grease on it.
Young, dark-haired, and beautiful – Poirot describes as “jolie femme”

18 15. Colonel Arbuthnot Admits to have heard of Colonel Armstrong but Poirot suspects he actually knew him. Under suspect because Poirot heard him call Mary by her first name on the train. Later he claims he just met her. Hard-willed, polite and very “English” Smokes a pipe. Theme: Judgement vs. Justice - "Well, you can't go about having blood feuds and stabbing each other like Corsicans or the Mafia," said the Colonel. "Say what you like, trial by jury is a sound system." p. 156

19 16. Cyrus Hardman Big, flamboyant American
Secret identity - Detective from New York Ratchett asks him to protect him. Gives evidence of a small dark man with a high pitched voice. No one on the train fits the description. Attempts to help Poirot with the case Theme: Appearances can be deceiving. “Mr. Hardman sighed, removed the chewing gum, and dived into a pocket. At the same time his whole personality seemed to undergo a change. He became less of a stage character andmore of a real person.” page 161

20 5. Antonio Foscanelli Big, menacing Italian – very concerned with his business affairs. Likes to talk business. Bouc suspects Foscanelli of the murder. He is the first person who does not seem affected by hearing about the kidnapping. Theme: Appearances can be deceiving – “It is very respectable, very well dressed, but underneath it is all wrong.” p. 169

21 11. Mary Debenham Former Governess Calm, cool, and unruffled.
Has a suspicious conversation with Col. Arbuthnot. Theme: Using logic and reasoning – “If you will forgive my saying so, it seems somewhat of a waste of time. Whether or not I liked Mr. Ratchett’s face does not seem likely to be helpful in finding out who killed him.” p. 175

22 8/9. Hildegarde Schmidt Kindly face, does not look very bright
Slow-minded and follows Princess Dragomiroff’s orders. Maid of the princess Sees a different conductor coming out from one of the compartments, not Michel Pierre

23 Pair and Share and PREPARE…
With a partner, go back through chapters 1 – 13 from the characters’ interviews. Fill in any blank spots and add information that you feel is important to the case. Be prepared with your notes for Monday’s test! You will be asked to select one character who is most likely involved in the murder, and one character who is least likely involved. Make sure you have several pieces of evidence for each character you select for whether they are guilty or innocent.

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