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TITLE OF PROJECT PROPOSAL NUMBER Principal Investigator PI’s Organization ESTCP Selection Meeting DATE.

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1 TITLE OF PROJECT PROPOSAL NUMBER Principal Investigator PI’s Organization ESTCP Selection Meeting DATE

2 Project Team ● List the PI and co-performer(s) names and organization(s). ● Do not use this slide if there is only one organization involved in the project. NOTE: This template provides the recommended number of slides for each section of the presentation, which should take no more than 30 minutes. 2

3 Problem Statement ● Clearly state the energy problem the technology demonstration will address and its relevance and importance to DoD. ● Identify the current approach (if one exists) to this problem and its shortcomings. NOTE: Limit to one slide only. 3

4 Technical Objectives ● Briefly describe the technical objective(s) of the project. NOTES: 1. Limit to one slide only. 2. This section is meant to orient the ESTCP Technical Committee on the overall objectives of the project. 4

5 Technology/Methodology Description ● Describe the technology or methodology in sufficient detail to provide an accurate and factual understanding of its theory, functionality, and operation. ● As appropriate, provide an overall schematic or flow diagram. ● Discuss how the technology or methodology is innovative. NOTE: Limit to two to three slides. 5

6 Technology/Methodology Maturity ● Provide evidence that the technology or methodology is mature enough for demonstration.  Provide a brief description of any previous related demonstrations.  Discuss any additional development, design work required prior to demonstration. NOTE: Limit to two slides. 6

7 Technical Approach ● Provide an overview of how the project will address the technical objectives. ● Describe the proposed demonstration site(s). Highlight desired site characteristics for an optimal demonstration. ● Provide the performance objectives. ● Provide a broad overview of the test design. Discuss the scope of the proposed demonstration and relate the planned data collection to the performance objectives. ● Describe the planned data analyses the project team will use to assess the performance objectives. NOTE: This section should consist of several slides and should be the focus of the presentation. 7

8 Technical Risks ● Identify potential issues of concern and technical risks in taking the technology or methodology from its current phase of development to the proposed scale of the demonstration. ● Identify any assumptions that have been made that, if not realized, could impact the successful implementation of the project. ● Discuss planned risk management. ● If the demonstration is not at full scale, discuss any scale-up issues that may remain at the conclusion of a successful demonstration. NOTE: Limit to one slide only. 8

9 Related Efforts ● Provide information on any relationship to other similar projects. ● Identify funding sources for the related efforts. NOTE: Limit to one slide only. 9

10 Expected DoD Benefit ● Describe the expected benefit in terms of energy security, energy savings, and/or reduced cost. ● Provide realistic projections of the number of DoD sites or facilities where the technology or methodology can be deployed. ● Discuss how the information obtained from the demonstration will enable adoption of the technology or methodology throughout DoD. ● Discuss the life cycle cost and advantages over current approaches. ● Discuss the projected economic benefit of the project in terms of simple payback and savings-to-investment ratio. NOTE: Limit to one to two slides. 10

11 Schedule of Milestones Tasks Q1Q2Q3Q4Q5Q6Q7Q8Q9Q10Q11Q12 1. Title 2. Title 3. Title 4. Title 5. Reporting DP FR C&P DP – Demonstration Plan FR – Final Report C&P – Cost & Performance Report Provide a project schedule with expected milestones and deliverables for the duration of the project in the form of a Gantt chart (example below). Include required ESTCP deliverables outlined in the full proposal instructions. * Identify any decisions points. * 11

12 Schedule of Milestones (continued) ● Highlight any emissions, environmental, operational or other permits required and briefly address the permitting process. ● Highlight any electrical or other interconnection agreements required and briefly address the process to develop and gain approval of the agreement(s). NOTE: Limit to previous slide plus one additional slide. 12

13 Technology Transition ● Describe the method by which the technology or methodology will be transitioned to end user(s) or commercialized. ● Describe any proposed guidance documents that will assist in future implementation (i.e., guidance, design, and/or protocol documents). ● Explicitly identify potential first DoD users and follow-on implementation. ● Identify any DoD or service programs that are responsible for technology or methodology implementation or relevant requirements or regulations that will affect transition. ● Address any potential constraints imposed by the use of proprietary systems. NOTE: Limit to one to two slides. 13

14 Cost Estimate ● Provide a table that summarizes how you expect to execute ESTCP funds by performer by project year, rounded to the nearest dollar (in accordance with the cost spreadsheets templates). Performer Year 1 ($K)Year 2 ($K)Year 3 ($K) Performer 17510075 Performer 2100 Performer 350 Total225250225 Grand Total700 14

15 Project Leveraged Funding ● Provide a table that delineates all leveraged funding for the project for each fiscal year. This should include direct funding support and in-kind support. If a performer is providing support (for example, XYZ Co. is receiving ESTCP funds but also providing in-kind support), then that should be indicated. PerformerYear 1 ($K)Year 2 ($K)Year 3 ($K) Funding Source 1*2550 Funding Source 2*7565 Performer 3**30 Total130145 Grand Total420 * Direct Funding Support ** In-Kind Support 15

16 Backup Slides

17 ESTCP Review Comments ● Provide a summary of the ESTCP review comments and responses here. ● Include any other support material here. 17

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