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The Great Gatsby: Chapter 4 Taylor Marcus & Jimmy Saulnier.

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1 The Great Gatsby: Chapter 4 Taylor Marcus & Jimmy Saulnier

2 Plot Ladies are talking about how Gatsby gets his money. Gatsby has connections around town, big and small names, so that helps him with obtaining his wealth. Learn more about Gatsby and his personal life Nick and Gatsby drove around town and saw the different social and money classes Jay and Nick meet Mr. Wolfsheim Gatsby knows rich, smart, and powerful people Nick introduces Jay to Tom. Jay gets red and walks away right after Jordan saw Jay back in 1917 with Daisy in a car Daisy never wanted to marry Tom Jordan was a bride made and saw Daisy crying out for Jay Tom was a cheater from the first year they were married Jay asked Jordan to ask Nick to invite Jay and Daisy over so they can meet again Jordan and Nick are starting to really like each other

3 Quotes Page 73-“He’s the man who fixed the world’s series back in 1919.” Page 79-“There are only the pursed, the pursing, the busy, and the tired.” Page 70-“Hot and small-yes…” “…but full of memories.” Page 74-“This is Mr. Gatsby, Mr. Buchanan.” “They shook hands briefly, and a strained, unfamiliar look at the embarrassment came over Gatsby’s face.

4 Symbols The restaurant – I used this because I saw more than one thing with this. – One being that Mr. Wolfsheim thought that the other place was good because of the memories. – Then second, I saw Jay using the same concept but how he wanted Daisy and the old memories that he used to have before he shipped off for war.

5 Theme Everything happens for a reason o Daisy and Gatsby used to have a relationship before Tom came along and after all these years they’re finally getting a chance to find a way to get reunited. o “…she said in the strangest voice that must be the man she used to know. It wasn’t until the that I connected this Gatsby with the officer in her white car.” page 77

6 Gatsby Picks Nick up for lunch Shows Nick a ribbon from Montenegro and a picture from Oxford to prove his past Has lunch with Nick and Mr. Wolfsheim Nick takes him to say hello to Tom on their way out of lunch and he disappears

7 Nick Carraway Reads a list of people that has been to Gatsby’s parties over the summer Goes to lunch with Gatsby and Mr. Wolfsheim Sees Tom and goes to say hello, but gets confused when Gatsby disappears Has tea with Jordan Learns that Daisy and Gatsby have a history Drives down the road with Jordan, holding her close and making a plan to bring Gatsby and Daisy under the same roof

8 Jordan Baker Tells Nick the story of Daisy and Gatsby Tries to convince Nick to reunite Daisy with Gatsby

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