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The Outsiders By: S.E. Hinton

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1 The Outsiders By: S.E. Hinton
8th Grade Reading Classes Mrs. Andreu Room 113 iMater Preparatory Academy

2 Book Project Power Point Presentation 6-10 Slides
Slide 1 Due September 15 Slide 2 Due September 22 Slide 3 Due September October 7 Slide 4 October 14 Slide October 21

3 Answer the following questions
SLIDE 1 Answer the following questions What is S.E. Hinton’s Full Name When and where was she born Briefly describe Hinton’s childhood Briefly describe Education Briefly describe Professional career other than author

4 Slide 2 Answer the following questions
Name Hinton’s husband and provide the date of their marriage Describe at least two reasons or events in her life that may have had an influence upon her writing. In what year was “The Outsiders” first publish and by what company. Name at least three other full length works by S.E. Hinton’s and their years of publications.

5 Slide 3 List each character and an adjective to describe each character.

6 Slide 4 THEMES List 3 themes and cite textual evidence that support the themes you have chosen that are portrayed in the Novel. Chapters 1-12 Write the Theme together with Chapter Number, Page Number, and textual evidence (sentence or words) EXAMPLE: Theme: Love , Chapter 7, Page 25, The children were taking care of their mother.

7 List the most important events
Slide 5 PLOT List the most important events

8 Slide 6 Reflection Make CONNECTIONS
Connect the events in the novel to your life, your surroundings, and your community. Compare and contrast any characters you can relate to. Cite Textual Evidence in your reflection by including chapter and page numbers of comparisons. EXAMPLE: The character Jennifer in the novel reminds me of my sister. Both my sister and Jennifer are very hard working. (Page 39 chapter 4 Jennifer is at the factory working for 12 hours)

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