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Rules, Consequences, and Procedures

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1 Rules, Consequences, and Procedures
Ms. JeanBaptiste Rules, Consequences, and Procedures

2 Rules I will follow directions the first time they are given.
I will raise my hand and wait for permission to speak. I will stay in my seat unless I have permission to do otherwise. I will keep hands, feet, and objects to myself. I will keep my voice to an inside working level. I will not drink, or eat food in the classroom.

Warning. Conference with the Teacher and the Student. Conduct cut Loss of special classroom privileges Letter sent home to parents/ Call the Student’s parent Detention Slip Exclusion from special activities (No field trips, field day, etc.) Referral

Severe Disruption: Student sent immediately to office. Bullying Theft Vandalism Battery/Physical fight Profanity Drugs or weapons involvement Threat of harm Extreme disrespect toward others Inappropriate sexual behavior Repeated, misconduct

5 REWARDS Praise Positive note home Be the helper
Student of the week nomination Student of the Month (Entire School) Treasure Chest

6 Entering the classroom
Enter the classroom quietly, and take your seats. Take all the materials that you need out of your book bags, and put your book bags on the shelf. Make sure your pencils are sharpened. If you need a pencil, raise 2 fingers up. If you need paper raise 3 fingers up. Write down your HomeLearning in your planner. Do your Do Now Activity.

7 Raising hands Hold up a broken pencil= I need a pencil.
2 fingers in the air = need a pencil 3 fingers in the air = need paper Balled up fist = restroom Raise your hand properly and sit still. Do not yell out, make strange noises, and shake your hands.

8 Trash Keep your area clean.
No pencil shaving in the desk. Don’t not sharpen pencils in your desk, unless you have a sharpener with a lid. Keep your trash until I tell you it’s time to clean up, and get ready to leave. Do not get out of your seats to throw away trash.

9 Visitor's In the Classroom
No talking Stay on task

10 Bathroom Use the restroom before you come in my class.
You will be allowed to use the restroom one time, unless its in emergency. Using the restroom will be allowed only during center time only, not during instruction. Keep the bathroom clean. Remember to flush the toilet, and wash your hands. One paper towel per student. Don’t waste paper.

11 Hallway Must be quiet in the line. No talking, unless you have my permission to speak. No yelling, or talking out in the line. No hitting, arguing, playing in the line. The line must be straight. Look at the head in front of you.

12 Lunch Procedures Keep your area clean.
No screaming, arguing, fighting, etc. If you need to report something, speak to the staff that’s in charge, don’t handle it yourself. If your misbehaving in the cafeteria, you will have lunch detention.

13 Recess Play safely. No arguing, fighting.
Stay in your designated area. No throwing (any objects)

14 Fire Drill No playing, talking, running at any time during the drill.
Stay in line and walk safely to our designated area. Teacher will call role when we get outside.

15 During a Quiz/Test Stay focus No talking No cheating Do your best

16 Class Work/Make-Up Work
Make sure I get all of your assignments. Do not leave it in your desk. If you have a excused absent, please see me to get your make up work.

17 Exiting the classroom Make sure you wrote your HomeLearning down in your planner. Make sure you throw all of you trash in the trash can. Make sure your area is clean. Pack up quickly. (No talking, or playing)

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