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Respect/Managing Feelings

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1 Respect/Managing Feelings

2 Types Respect of Self Respect of Others Respect for Property
Respect: a feeling or understanding that someone or something is important, serious, etc., and should be treated in an appropriate way Types Respect of Self Respect of Others Respect for Property

3 Treat others as you want to be treated
Choose friends that treat you and others with respect. If you let people know that you respect yourself and expect respect from others, chances are that they will treat you with respect. Respect requires self-control.

4 Ways to Show Respect Honor each other’s privacy and treat each other's possessions with care Use non reactive language and tone of voice examples: make eye contact, body language Compliment the achievements of others Show gratitude Be sincere Do what you say you'll do Offer assistance

5 Which feelings are most difficult to manage
Which feelings are most difficult to manage? Pleasant or unpleasant ones? Feelings are your personal reactions to situations. Feelings are normal. Feelings let people know if their needs are getting met. Sometimes unpleasant feelings are strong and/or they last a long time. If feelings overwhelm you, you can get help by talking to a family member, teacher, trusted adult community professional or a school counselor.

6 Three questions can help people use feelings effectively
What am I feeling? (anger, sadness) 2. Why am I feeling this way? (bad grade, death) 3. How could I react? (yell, talk to an adult)

7 Support Systems people you can trust and talk to openly
Think, Pair and Share: Discuss with your neighbor the ways support systems help people deal with their emotions.

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