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By: Ashlyn M. Goila Third Grade Memories.

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1 By: Ashlyn M. Goila Third Grade Memories

2 Things About Myself My mom’s name is Lorelei.
My brother and my dad are both named Thomas. I’m in Baton club. I’m in Art club. I’m in Choir. I have a dog named Barley.

3 School My school is Mt. Bethel Elm. My teacher is Mrs. Ferguson
Our principle is Mrs. Johnson Our assistant principle is Mrs. Bachrach.

4 Funny Moments Ashlyn fell off a chair.
Liam going to baton and Ashlyn tries to get him out. Liam tries to pretend to hurt Jackson. Liam dancing.

5 Best Moment Breaks from school

6 10 Things I will remember Ruby Davenport is home schooled.
Casher Collier moved to North Carolina. Market Day. Filed trips. My class mates My teachers Specials teachers Baton club Choir Filed Day

7 Book Character Ramona and Bezzus because it is funny and to enjoy.
It’s a fine book to read.

8 ABC’s of Third Grade Art Noise Boys Opinion Crazy Pet Drama Questions
Excitement Running Fun Science Girls Terrifying Hungry Useful Ice cream Variety Jungle Winter break Kayos X-ray Nonage Yummy Learning Zoom Music Hungry U Intermediate V Jungle W K X Language arts Y Music Z

9 My Summer Plans I moved. Going to my lake house. Play with my dog. Eat ice cream. Drink soda.

10 Three goals for Next Year
1 Do better in reading 2 Make more friends 3 Eat better

11 My Story Let The Ant Go Free By: Ashlyn Goila When an ant comes by, you do not kill it. Let the ant go free. There are a lot of reasons not to step on an ant. If your friends tell you to step on an ant and you don’t want to, but you do you’ll be adding fuel to the fire. What if you were an ant? It will really hurt if you got stepped on. You wouldn’t be able to feed your family or town. You can’t dig any nest for anyone. Let me tell you that you’ll yell,” Ouch!” Ants are a part of nature. It’s would be horrible for the earth. It’s bad for Mother Nature, also it’s not good for many plants. Just let the ant run away. Let him feed his town and dig a nest. The ant wants to be happy not sad. He has a lot of things to do that is important. There are a lot of great reasons to not step on the ant. Let the ant enjoy his life. Just let the ant free. The ant is wonderful for many things.

12 By, Have a Great Summer

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