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BPA By: Zani Alam.

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1 BPA By: Zani Alam

2 What is BPA? BPA stands for Bisphenol A. It is a chemical compound primarily used to make polycarbonate. Manufacturers of canned foods and drinks use BPA in can linings where it then leaches into food.

3 Where is it found? Water bottles Baby bottles Canned food and drinks
As coatings on soda cans

4 Where is it found? CD’s and DVD’s Sunglasses Bike helmets Bottle tops
Water supply pipes Household appliances Dental sealants and medical equipment Even some cash register receipts are loaded with BPA that may rub off on people's skin.

5 Many things made of plastic are made with BPA….

6 Why should we worry? BPA has been linked to several health issues that might concern all of us. Increased breast cancer risk Increased prostate cancer risk Early puberty Diabetes Brain dysfunction Heart disease Infertility in males and females Obesity

7 How can you avoid exposing your body to this harmful chemical?
Look for BPA free dinnerware Look for BPA-free baby bottles Never microwave plastic Avoid plastic containers marked with the number 7 or 3 on the bottom Buy foods from cardboard cartons Go with fresh or frozen foods or those packaged in glass or cartons Try to use glass or stainless steal containers when storing food

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