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1 Use the arrows on your keyboard to scroll through the slides at your own pace

2 STONE MANAGEMENT Over 800,000 square feet of space to manage your inventory needs

3 Stone Management’s Warehouse Management System Stone has invested 10 years in developing our inventory management system. Our 3 rd version of WMS is a culmination of features, functionality and customization that our 80+ customers have influenced during our 20 years of business.

4 What You Can Expect Stone is committed to providing customers with accurate inventory information Delivery of this information can occur through fax, email, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, PDF, HTML format.

5 Inventory Control WMS offers customers the flexibility of tracking their inventory in a wide variety if ways Each item will be tracked by product number and description Other tracking options include: Lot Number Production Date Inbound Date Container Number Customer ID (unique to your customers) Roll Number Pallet Number Warehouse Location Other customized tracking options are also available

6 Inventory Control Even at the highest level of user access our WMS system will never allow your inventory to drive a negative number From the moment it hits the door your product is tracked by: Driver check in time Dock location Receiving forklift operator Receiving building and isle location

7 Our WMS will receive against your specific PO # Our WMS will communicate notes that will assist you in reconciling your numbers

8 All report headings will be customized according to your companies unique identity Within each product number WMS can track individual pallet id’s or even case id’s

9 The format of our BOL’s is clear and easy to read WMS will add important comments and numbers pertaining to your shipment Freight bills will always be sent to the correct department

10 Place specific lots on Hold for quality or stock needs We know exactly how much you have available for future orders Our WMS will keep track of FIFO

11 Inventory Reports Current inventory reports are available to customers at any time They are currently available via fax or email End of Month inventories, a frozen picture of your inventory as of the last day of the month, are also available upon request.

12 Inventory can be viewed as a summary of each item Inventory Reports Or as a more detailed report by lot (in this case Customer #)

13 Reports WMS contains many reports that will assist you with monthly reconciling, annual audits, cost analysis and inventory tracking The next few slides are just a few examples of the many reports that will be made available to you

14 Monthly Activity Report This report will show every inbound and outbound for each product WMS will also supply this information for an individual item number

15 Shipment Charges Report This report will break out each order and will detail the cost associated with them

16 Product Costing Report This report will itemize your warehousing cost for each product in your inventory

17 Export Formats Reports can be exported to Excel so that you may sort and filter as needed

18 Our Customer Service Team Your company will be assigned a designated CSR that you will be able to depend on day in and day out Our Customer Service Team has a combined experience of more than 70 years in the areas of shipping and receiving, transportation and customer service We have over 10 years experience working with SAP systems, over 13 years working with AS400 systems, and are very comfortable navigating UPS and FedEx systems.

19 Our Dedication Stone Management has the resources and the experience to service your business needs

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