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How to Keep a Healthy Smile

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1 How to Keep a Healthy Smile

2 Graduate of University of Michigan Dental School, 1997
GULAFSHAN MUNSHEY DDS Graduate of University of Michigan Dental School, 1997

3 PREVENTIVE DENTISTRY What do we want to Prevent? Caries Periodontitis
Root canals Extractions

4 CARIES (Tooth Decay) Caused by Bacteria
Poor or Inadequate Oral Hygiene High Sugar/Starch diet Frequent Snacking Pop drinking




8 Periodontitis (Gum Disease)
Caused by bacteria Poor/Inadequate Oral Hygiene


10 Plaque Bone Loss

11 Abscess(tooth infection)
Treatment for abscess: Root canal treatment (adults) Pulpotomy & SS Crown Extraction (pulling of the tooth)


13 Abscessed Tooth Treatment: Pulpotomy & SS Crown

14 How to Prevent Dental Problems from Occurring?
Brushing teeth twice a day, everyday Flossing at least once a day, everyday Use a mouthwash once a day, everyday Healthy diet: Avoid sugary substances, pop, and frequent snacking Regular 6 month check ups with a dentist/dental hygienist


16 FLUORIDE TOOTHPASTE Most contain Fluoride in varying concentration
The higher the content, the better at preventing plaque accumulation Dark side of high content is tooth staining

Active Ingr: SodiumPyrophosphate Successfully reduces tartar buildup between regular 6 month checkups May give a false sense of security May mask signs of gum disease Longterm use may cause sensitivity

Active Ingr: Potassium Nitrate or Strontium Chloride (ADA accepted) Improvement noticed after 4-6 wks Use only for 2-3 months

19 WHITENING TOOTHPASTE They DON’T work! Just removes surface stains!
All toothpastes contain abrasives that do that! Absolutely no effect on color of teeth

Prevident 5000 plus Fluoridex 5000 ppm Renew (5000ppm + NovaMin for sensitivity) It is very new. These are for people with highcaries rate.

21 OTHER TOOTHPASTES “Triclosan”, for treating and preventing gingivitis – Colgate Total Natural toothpastes, May contain Vit C, which increases level of acidity in mouth Most natural toothpastes are missing Fluoride except tom’s and maines natural toothpaste. Baking soda toothpaste, has no effect on periodontitis, if you like the taste and that improve compliance then Go ahead and use it! Look for the ADA seal of acceptance.

22 MOUTHWASHES Does not replace brushing & flossing
Should be part of the daily regimen Kinds of Mouthwashes Fluoridated Mouthwashes Antiseptic Mouthwashes Anti-microbial mouthwashes Chlorhexidine Mouthwash

Reduce caries/tooth decay ADA recommends for kids over 6 yrs old Swish a minute and spit, don’t rinse after. Don’t eat or drink for 30 mins afterwards Has the ADA seal of acceptance

24 ANTISEPTIC MOUTHWASH Most common OTC mouthwash
May contain high content of Alcohol Can reduce plaque & gingivitis Can mask bad breath for mins

Most commonly prescribed is Chlorhexidine mouthrinse Can reduce the number of bacteria in the mouth Usually for people diagnosed with periodontitis. Used for short period of time Has side effects if used long term Request an alcohol-free one.

Some people might experience xerostomia (dry mouth) Biotene mouthwash used once a day to keep a good salivary flow

27 TOOTHBRUSHES Soft, rounded, nylon bristles
Small head is generally better Size and color of handle is personal preference Power brushes are nice! Have a timer Are more thorough

28 FLOSS Floss Daily Start at same spot and move clockwise
Used to reduce plaque between teeth C-Shape Kinds of floss Waxed Unwaxed It doesn’t matter, JUST FLOSS!

29 Other “Gadgets” Interdental Brushes
To clean large spaces between teeth Very effective Water pik Shoots water with pressure to get food out from teeth Great for kids with braces Tongue scraper Excellent for cleaning the tongue Toothpick DO NOT USE

30 6 Monthly Dental Checkup
Very Important Identifies problem areas before they turn into “problems” Yearly X-rays Shows early carious areas Infections on teeth Missing, impacted teeth Sealants for kids In-office Fluoride treatment

31 6 Monthly Dental Checkup
It sends the right message to the kids that “teeth are important” Keeps them on top of their oral hygiene And YES, if baby teeth have cavities, they need to be filled

32 SEALANTS Usually 1st & 2nd molars are sealed
Protects teeth from getting cavities Usually done on kids between ages 6 & 14. It seals the pits and fissures on the chewing surface of the molar

33 “On the side” Teeth are for chewing, smiling,
NOT for opening bottles, chip bags, cracking nuts OR Chewing on bones

34 Thank you for your time and attention!

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