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Digestive Careers Health Occupations.

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1 Digestive Careers Health Occupations

2 Dental Assistant $39,000 Job Practice Settings
Work directly with the Dentist Expose and process radiographs Provide clients with instructions on oral care following surgery or other treatment procedures Teach clients how to brush and floss properly Make impressions of clients’ teeth for study models Prepare and sterilize instruments and equipment Perform office management tasks Practice Settings Dental Offices Dental school clinics Private and Government hospitals and clinics Insurance companies Dental laboratories and dental suppliers

3 Dental Assistant Education Outlook
1 and 2 year programs in community colleges and postsecondary vocational-technical schools On the job training is available Certification or registration requirements vary according to state Outlook faster than average Most dentists employ 2-3 dental assistants


5 Dental Hygienists $56,000-$72,000 Job Practice Settings
Provide oral hygiene care and dental health education to the client Need good communication skills, dental knowledge, and clinical skills Assess and chart oral conditions and review the clients health and dental history Expose and process dental radiographs Remove calculus and plaque Apply fluoride and sealants Practice Settings Private dental offices Nursing homes Public health clinics Educational institutions

6 Dental Hygienist Cont’d
Education 2-4 years of college required in an Accredited Program Licensure required, must pass written and clinical examination Outlook faster than average Increased demand for dental care and use of hygienists

7 Dental Lab Technician $35,000-$56,000
Job Seldom work with clients Creates dental prostheses, replacements for natural teeth, and dental appliances Needs artistic skills, fine hand dexterity, and good vision Practice Settings Commercial dental labs Private dental offices Dental schools Hospitals

8 Dental Lab Tech Cont’d Education Outlook
On the job training is available Requires an average of 3-4 years Community college, postsecondary vocational technical schools, and the Armed Forces offer programs Outlook No change in employment is expected

9 Dentist $115,000-160,000 Job Practice Settings
Should have scientific ability and interest, work well with others and enjoy helping people Can be your own boss Diagnose and treat diseases of the teeth and their supporting tissues, the tongue, lips, and jaws Restore teeth damaged by decay or trauma Replace missing teeth with artificial materials Provide cosmetic procedures to improve a clients appearance Perform corrective surgery on the jaws and supporting tissues Straighten teeth Perform oral hygiene procedures and provide instructions to clients Practice Settings Most dentists own their own practices or work with a partner Hospitals, clinics, government agencies Research facilities, and educational institutions

10 Dentist Education Outlook
3-4 years of undergraduate education plus 4 years of dental school are required to become a general dentist An additional 2-3 years of postgraduate education is needed for a specialty degree Outlook Slower than average growth Jobs will increase, a large number of dentists are expected to retire

11 Specialty Areas of Dental Practice
Dental Public Health Dental Health prevention Education Treatment programs at the community level Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Surgical treatment of diseases, injuries and defects of the oral and maxillofacial region (area around the jaws and face)

12 Specialty Areas of Dental Practice
Orthodontics and dentofacial orthopedics Correction of tooth alignment and malocclusions (an abnormal relationship of the teeth when biting or closing Pediatric dentistry Comprehensive dental care of infants and children though adolescence, including clients who have special needs

13 Specialty Areas of Dental Practice
Prosthodontics Replacement of missing teeth and oral structures with artificial substitutes

14 Gastroenterologist $244,000 - $385,000
Job Deal with disorders of the stomach and intestines Practice Settings Private practice Hospitals Clinics

15 Gastroenterologist Cont’d
Education 4 years of college and acceptance into a medical school Completes 4 additional years of medical training 2 years classroom, 2 years working in hospital setting Residency/Internship Outlook Faster than average growth due to the increase in the aging population and the need for primary and specialized health care

16 Registered Dietician (RD) $36,000 - $52,000
Job A food and nutrition expert Ability to identify and solve problems Strong interest in food and nutrition Ability to work independently Practice Settings Health care Food service and research Private practice Public agency

17 RD cont’d Education Outlook
4 year degree in dietetics, food science, or related major at a university or college with an accredited program Completion of a 6-12 month supervised practice program at a health care facility, community agency, or a food service corporation Outlook Average growth; increased emphasis on disease prevention by improved dietary habits


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