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Directions: Press F5 to begin the slide show. Press the enter key to view each part of the review.

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1 Directions: Press F5 to begin the slide show. Press the enter key to view each part of the review.

2 Prepositions Grade Seven

3 How to Use This Power Point This Power Point was created to help you review the textbook material and help you practice for upcoming tests. Slides that are yellow are meant to instruct you on the textbook material. It is good for review. Be sure to read all the information. Slides that are mottled like this,,are meant to provide practice. Take out a sheet of paper and try to answer the questions. They are similar to test questions. Slides that change shades like this,, are meant to provide additional information that will be good to know but is not necessarily test material.

4 What is a Preposition? A preposition is a word that works in a phrase or group of words. It does not ever work alone. This group of words that begins with a preposition is called a prepositional phrase. A prepositional phrase adds description and detail to a sentence. It is not a necessary part of a sentence.

5 What are Prepositions? There are fifty-seven prepositions. They are: 1.about16. besides31. inside46. till 2.above17. beyond32. like47. toward 3.across18. behind33. near48. through 4.along19. before34. of49. throughout 5.among20. below35. off50. up 6.amongst21. by36. on51. upon 7.after22. but (except)37. onto52. until 8.against23. concerning38. over53. under 9.amid24. down39. out54. underneath 10.amidst25. during40. outside55. with 11.around26. except41. opposite of56. within 12.at27. for42. past57. without 13.between28. from43. regarding 14.beneath29. in44. since 15.beside30. into45. to

6 What are Prepositions? There are fifty-seven prepositions. One way to remember them is by learning the pairs of opposites. in front of behind before after above below over under to from up down in out on off

7 Some prepositions sound alike. among amongst amid amidst beside besides

8 Some prepositions share similar word parts. in into inside up upon under underneath on onto through throughout out outside with within without

9 The word “but” is sometimes a preposition. Usually it is a conjunction. However, it turns into a preposition when it means “except.” Ex. Everyone but me went to the game. (This means that everyone “except” me was able to go; therefore, “but” is a preposition.)

10 Practice – Locating Prepositions Locate the preposition(s) per sentence. 1. On Tuesday we will have a quiz concerning prepositions. On, concerning 2. The book about snakes was interesting, but I already knew much of the information. about, of 3. The boy without freckles is on my soccer team. without, on 4. The Steelers are a team of forceful men on a mission toward the Super Bowl. of, on, toward 5. I walked among the players encouraging them with praise. among, with

11 How Do I Make a Prepositional Phrase? To create a prepositional phrase, you must begin with a preposition. It will always be the first word in the phrase. –E–Ex. by, in, from To end a prepositional phrase, you must put in a noun or pronoun that completes the phrase. Ex. me, the game, Susan That means the prepositional phrases are: by me, in the game, and from Susan

12 Where are Prepositional Phrases Found? Prepositional phrases may be located anywhere in a sentence. Ex. On Monday I went shopping. Ex. I went shopping on Monday. Ex. The man in the blue suit is a spy!

13 Examples of Prepositional Phrases We talked about the game. Above me was a bird. I saw a cat run across the street by my house. We drove along the side of the road. Among the Hidden is a good book. We sat amongst the spectators. After the game we went out for pizza. We braced ourselves against the harsh wind.

14 Examples of Prepositional Phrases Amid the papers we found the homework. We walked amidst the flowers. We sat around the fire to keep warm. At the game we saw Jerome Bettis. He sat between me and Mark. My homework was beneath the book. My husband sat beside me. Below me was a solid floor. The story was written by me.

15 Examples of Prepositional Phrases All the students but me finished the work. He spoke to me concerning the assignment. We walked down the stairs and into the room. During the class we learned about prepositions. Everyone except me entered the contest. This present is for you. This present is from me. In the box you will find a cat. He walked into the classroom. We looked inside the closet to see what to wear. Like me, he also enjoys basketball.

16 Examples of Prepositional Phrases Our game was played near the coast. “All I Ask of You” is a song title. He fell off the chair. On the table is where you left your homework. He walked onto the stage. “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” is a song title. It flew out the window. We ran outside the house. He said the opposite of the facts. We went past the graveyard. Regarding the Fountain is a fun book.

17 Examples of Prepositional Phrases Since the game we have worked harder. He talked to the teacher. We waited till the rain stopped. He walked toward the house. “Over the river and through the woods” are famous words. It went throughout the water. We paddled up the creek to fight the Indians. He fell upon the pile of leaves. He waited until the game.

18 Examples of Prepositional Phrases Under the bleachers is where I left my coat. It fell underneath the table. I am with my friends now. I walked within the lines. Without my glasses I can see nothing. He entered the room before me.

19 Practice – Locating Prepositional Phrases Locate the prepositional phrase(s) in each sentence. Tell the preposition and the object(s) of the preposition. 1.I talked with Mary and Alex at lunch. with Mary and Alex, at lunch Prep – with, at O.P. Mary, Alex….lunch 2. During the game it rained heavily. during the game prep-during O.P.- game 3.

20 Preposition or Adverb? A preposition is a preposition when it is part of a prepositional phrase. When one of the prepositional phrase words is used alone, it is no longer a preposition; it is an adverb. Ex. He fell down the stairs. (This is a preposition because it is part of the phrase “down the stairs.) Ex. He fell down. (This is an adverb because it is not part of a phrase. It is working alone.)

21 This completes the review of prepositions. Additional review can be done in the review folders housed in 106 and the library.

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