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Aggressors on the March

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1 Aggressors on the March

2 1931 – Japan Invades Manchuria

3 March 9, 1935 Hitler announces the creation of a new Air Force and begins a military draft Army is expanded from 100,000 to 500,000 European nations grumble, but are distracted by own problems

4 March 7, 1935 German troops occupy the Rhineland “demilitarized zone”
Great Britain and France respond with a policy of “Appeasement” – satisfy Hitler’s demand and he will be content = stability & peace will be maintained


6 Invasion of Rhineland

7 Appeasement Britain & France allow Hitler to speed up military & territorial expansion France & Belgium open to attack Strengthens Hitler’s power and prestige

8 October 1935 With Hitler’s support, Fascist Italian dictator invades Ethiopia

9 1936 – The Spanish Civil War Hitler and Mussolini assist Francisco Franco in becoming dictator of Spain

10 Pablo Picasso’s Guernica -1937

11 October 1936: Rome Berlin Axis
Hitler and Mussolini form a political and economic pact

12 November 1936 Anti-Comintern Pact
Germany & Japan agree to a common front against communism

13 Green 1933 Orange 1941

14 1938 – Germany & Austria denounce the Treaty of Versailles
Britain and France do nothing…

15 March 13, 1938 Hitler annexes Austria – “Anchluss” = Union

16 September 13, 1938 Hitler demands the Sudetenland (German speaking NW Czechoslovakia)

17 The Munich Conference – September 1938
Britain, France, Italy, & Germany meet in Munich. Britain’s Neville Chamberlain caves to Hitler’s demands allowing Hitler’s troops of occupy area – peak of “Appeasement” Hitler promises no more demands

18 March 1939 - Czechoslovakia
Hitler invades the rest of Czechoslovakia Demands the Port of Danzig in Poland

19 Hitler Demands Port of Danzig

20 August 23,1939 Nazi-Soviet Nonaggression Pact
Hitler wants to invade Poland so offers Stalin control of eastern Poland and the Baltic states in exchange to not to attack each other – September 1, 1939 Hitler invades Poland Two days later Britain & France declare war on Germany

21 Blitzkrieg

22 Invasion of Poland


24 Western Democracies Fail to stop aggression
U.S. – Policy of ISOLATIONISM: avoid political ties in Europe! 1935 – U.S. Congress passes Neutrality Acts banning loans & arms sales to nations at war

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