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Certified Consulting Meteorologist (CCM) Program

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1 Certified Consulting Meteorologist (CCM) Program
An American Meteorological Society (AMS) Certification Program for Meteorologists

2 The Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How of the AMS CCM Program

3 What is the AMS CCM Program?
The CCM program is a service for the general public by the AMS. The Society has established high standards of knowledge, experience, and character for certified consultants who provide advice in meteorology to the public. The CCM program was established to ensure that certain individuals have been tested and found to meet or exceed those standards.

4 What is the AMS CCM Program?
examines candidates and certifies those who are successful provides a system to ensure the CCMs maintain a high level of professional competence

5 What is the Purpose of the CCM Program?
The purpose of certification in the CCM program is fourfold: To foster the establishment and maintenance of a high level of professional competency and mature and ethical counsel in the field of consulting meteorology; To provide a basis on which a client seeking assistance on problems of a meteorological nature may be confident of mature, competent, and ethical professional counsel; To provide incentive for the continued professional growth of the meteorologist after completion of his or her academic training; To enhance the prestige, authority, and success of consulting meteorology specifically, and of professional meteorology generally, by promoting a consistently high order of professional activity so that CCMs are recognized as leaders in their areas of expertise.

6 What are the Basic Qualities of a CCM?
Knowledge Experience Character

7 What are the Basic Qualities of a CCM?
A CCM has: achieved a high level of knowledge in the atmospheric sciences at least 5 years of experience in applying that knowledge demonstrated provision of mature, competent, and ethical counsel

8 Why a Professional Certification for Meteorologists?
Professional certification demonstrates your commitment to: the highest level of service to: the general public industry government agencies academic institutions the highest standards of professional practice a strict code of ethics continuing professional development contributions to community and profession

9 Why Become a CCM? Professional certification in the atmospheric sciences by one’s peers should be the ultimate goal for all professional meteorologists.

10 Where Do CCMs Work?

11 Where Do CCMs Work? Some have their own companies
Some work for U.S. government agencies Some work for state agencies Some work in private industry Some work in academia Some live and work outside of the United States Some are employed as experts in specific industries Some are full-time consultants Some undertake consulting over and above their regular employment

12 Some Areas of Expertise
Forensic meteorology Atmospheric modeling Atmospheric chemistry Aviation meteorology Marine meteorology Tropical meteorology Radar meteorology Satellite meteorology Climatology Operational forecasting Transportation

13 Who Can Become a CCM? Applicants must be qualified to be AMS members, have at least five years of professional experience in applying the principles of meteorology, and be considered a professional in the eyes of fellow meteorologists. The qualifications for certification are based on an applicant’s knowledge, experience, and character. The three qualifications referenced above comprise a standard to which an individual seeking this recognition should aspire.

14 When Should You Apply to Become a CCM?
Once you have achieved: the educational requirements set forth by the AMS at least five years of professional experience the respect of your peers in the field If you have met these basic requirements, now is the time to apply.

15 Where is More Information Available?
On the Web:

16 How Can You Become a CCM? Download an application form:
Print it. Complete it. Submit it. It’s as simple as that!

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