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Interviewing. You have an interview! What is an interview? Having an interview means that the employer is interested in you, but does not mean that the.

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1 Interviewing

2 You have an interview!

3 What is an interview? Having an interview means that the employer is interested in you, but does not mean that the employer has already decided to hire you. Employers often interview many candidates for the same job. Usually it is the best-prepared and most self- assured interviewee who ultimately lands the job.

4 What is an interview? An interview is a meeting between an employer and a job applicant to discuss possible employment. It can be formal or informal. It can be long or short. It can be on the phone or in person. You may meet with one interviewer or several interviewers.

5 What is an interview? An interview is the employer’s chance to meet you as a person, not just as a name on an application or resume. An interview is also your chance to learn more about the job and decide whether it is a good fit for you

6 What is an interview? An interview is the most exciting part of the job hunt. It can also be the most stressful.

7 WHY IS IT IMPORTANT TO PREPARE FOR AN INTERVIEW? Preparing ahead of time will minimize your anxiety and help you make a great impression. Employers are looking for candidates who are: Organized Prepared Hardworking Really want the job And that means candidates who time the time to think ahead about the interview

8 Steps to Prepare Get all the facts Plan your clothing Research the employer Get to know the job Prepare answers for typical interview questions

9 PREPARING FOR THE INTERVIEW Get all the facts Confirm the exact time and location of the interview. Plan how you will get to the interview and how long it will take. Know the interviewer’s job title and how to pronounce his or her full name. If you don’t know, call the company’s main number and ask the person who answers the phone.

10 PREPARING FOR THE INTERVIEW Clothing Plan what to wear. Match your clothes to the job. If you can, visit the workplace to see what other employees are wearing. Plan to dress a little more formally than the employees. Your clothes do not need to be expensive, just neat and clean.

11 PREPARING FOR THE INTERVIEW Research the employer Another way to stand out is to learn all you can about the company. Doing research helps you ask intelligent questions about the company and the industry. Researching ahead of time also shows your interviewer that you are resourceful, thorough, and willing to work.

12 Research the employer Gather as much information about the employer as you can. Do they have their own website? What do you find when you them? If they do not have a website – talk to your teacher, neighbors, or parents Do you know anyone else that works there? Develop a short list of questions you have for the employer & ask them after your interview. PREPARING FOR THE INTERVIEW

13 Researching the employer also protects you You may learn that the company does not really fit with your career goals. The company may be in financial trouble or have high employee turnover- which suggests that workers are not happy there.

14 GET TO KNOW THE JOB What are the job requirements and job description? Knowing these will help you tailor your answers during the interview

15 Sample Posting Front Desk Receptionist at Gym (Milford) Do you have a passion for fitness? Do you want to help others accomplish their fitness goals? If you answered yes to both of these questions and enjoy working in a fast-paced environment then our Front Desk position may be the answer you've been waiting for! Duties Answer phones Greet members warmly as they enter the lobby Other projects may be assigned Requirements: High School diploma or equivalent Must have a pleasant demeanor and a can-do attitude Ability to handle busy periods and stay focused and calm The schedule is part time Mon-Fri, 4:00pm - 9:00pm), with the potential of additional hours in the future. Please apply in person Golds Gym in Milford, NH Compensation: $12.00/hr Come join our team and let's show our community that it is more fun to move around than to sit around!

16 Pull Job Details Apart Greets patients warmly Pleasant demeanor Can-do attitude Able to work in fast paced environment Fitness oriented Communicate information to others in a friendly professional manner

17 Typical Interview Questions What are your strengths? What are your weaknesses? What is your work history? Why are you interested in this job? What are your career plans/goals?

18 Typical Interview Questions Why do you think being on time is important to an employer? What would you do if you had a conflict with a co-worker? What kind of worker are you? Why are you leaving your current job?

19 Prepare your answers for typical interview questions

20 Interview Etiquette Arrive on time Introduce yourself and be polite Look people in the eye – shake their hand Read their materials while you wait Listen to what they tell you – take notes if possible Use good body language – smile, nod, confirm that you hear them Watch others and practice their good habits

21 You can still make an impression AFTER the Interview Thank the interviewer and tell them you really look forward to hearing from them Ask what the next steps are Send a hand-written thank you note right away Follow up if you have not heard from them

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