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The Proof The business case for newspaper advertising as part of the media mix.

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1 The Proof The business case for newspaper advertising as part of the media mix

2 2 Adding brand ads in newspapers strengthens brand equity and drives visits Brand bonding up a third with TV plus newspapers Brand newspaper ads improved Comet image on key service aspects Newspapers stimulated 29% increase in people choosing Comet on last visit to buy electricals Customer service proposition strongly enhanced Brand newspapers communicated customer service elements in significantly greater breadth and depth Branding, communication of customer service, emotional engagement and persuasion of the TV brand ad were all improved when seen alongside a linked brand campaign in newspapers Comet: Headline results

3 3 TV and national newspapers are the perfect partnership They are processed in different but complementary ways: TV is more passive, newspapers involve active processing TV and newspapers are heavily consumed in the evening. Media profiles are complementary Together, the brand impact should be stronger than either medium separately Test hypothesis: Newspapers are perfect partners to TV

4 ““This is the second time we have partnered with Newsworks and once again we were delighted with the results achieved during the campaign. We gained valuable insight into the power of using both tactical and brand newspaper adverts alongside the TV brand ad and fascinating learnings on the powerful multiplier effect of a TV plus newspaper campaign.” Susan Wilkinson General Manager of Marketing, Advertising Comet The client’s view Kellogg’s and Optivita are registered trademarks of Kellogg Company 4 Newspaper creative

5 Comet: The creative work Newspaper creative TV creative 5

6 TV naturally delivers ½ of campaign weight to heaviest ⅓ of viewers Source: BARB analysis of Comet TV campaign – Adults 54% 32% 14% Heavy Medium Light Comet TV campaign Share of campaign weight by light, medium & heavy TV viewers 6

7 Comet TV campaign Analysis of heavy TV viewers by social grade % 7 Heavy TV viewers more DE than brand profile Source: BARB analysis of Comet TV campaign – Adults/TGI 2009 Q1 Comet Adults user profile AB C1 C2 DE

8 Over ½ of heavy TV viewers are unemployed Source: BARB/Markdata analysis – Adults 55% 33% 12% Heavy TV viewers – Analysis of Employment status 8 Unemployed (inc. retired) Full-time Part-time

9 Newspaper audience delivery indexed against commercial TV Newspapers’ audience profile complements TV with a profile that is relatively young, ABC1 and London Source : BARB Jan – Jun 2009 / NRS Jan – Jun 2009 TV: Index v Popn877192669082 NPs: Index v Popn1059998106100119 Commercial TV indexed @ 100 9

10 The findings 10 Comet

11 Sept 08Oct 08Nov 08Dec 08£m Media Target Audience: Adults 35-70 Brand TV1.0 Tactical TV2.6 Brand Newspapers 0.6 Tactical Newspapers 1.4 Online Newspapers 0.1 Research Dates Millward Brown Pre-wave Post-wave 11 Comet: Test detail Media Plan 272 TVRs Campaign objective Differentiate Comet on the basis of great customer service 1044 TVRs Sample: 729 ABC1 Adults 30–55, with children Media Source: NMR/BARB/NRS 420 GRPs 995 GRPs 420 GRPs

12 Adding newspapers boosts brand equity and strengthens bonding by a third Bonding -7+5 Advantage +4 Performance -7+5 Relevance -7+3 Presence 0 TV SolusTV + NP Brand Dynamics equity analysis post-wave % points change on pre-wave 12

13 Newspapers stimulate shop visits Brand usage – Shopped at last Pre to post % points increase Top 2 Box % 13 +5 Pre-wave Post-wave

14 Brand and tactical combination drives brand commitment Brand commitment – Likelihood to choose Pre to post % points increase Top 2 Box % 14 +5 Pre-wave Post-wave

15 Adding newspapers boosts brand image more than TV alone Brand image Pre to post % points increase % endorsing Comet 15 Offer a range of services to deliver and set-up electrical products Have a good online shopping service Offer a range of services to maintain and repair electrical products Have staff that are knowledgeable Have staff that are friendly Have staff that offer impartial advice TV solus TV + NP

16 TV branding and enjoyment enhanced most when seen with brand newspaper ads Brand TV ad branding and enjoyment % 16 Brand TV onlyWhen also seen Tactical NPWhen also seen Brand NP

17 Brand TV ad more engaging when seen alongside brand newspaper ads Brand TV involvement diagnostics 17 + - Norm: 698 TV ads Added effect of NP Recognise TV only Recognise TV + brand NP (Each axis 0-80%) +7+17 +2

18 Brand TV advertising strongly suggests % answering Adding brand newspaper ads significantly improves TV ad communication 18 Brand TV only Brand TV + brand NP Additional impact of tactical NP:+26

19 Brand newspaper ads enhance response to brand TV Response to TV ads % agreeing 41 61 54 48 Brand TV ad onlyAdded effect of brand NPMillward Brown norm 19 36

20 Newspaper ad recognition above norm 58 73 85 Recognition – Newspaper ads % recognising 20

21 Newspaper ads % agreeing Brand newspaper ads more impactful 21 Comet brand NPMillward Brown NormComet tactical NP

22 Newspaper advertising strongly suggests % answering Brand newspaper ads broaden communication HovisMillward Brown Norm 22 Brand NP Tactical NP

23 Response to newspaper ads % answering Brand newspaper ads prompt stronger response than tactical ads Tactical NPBrand NP 23 Millward Brown norm 31 36 42 57 33 45

24 Brand newspaper ads engage more strongly Newspaper involvement diagnostics 24 + - Norm: 698 TV ads Added effect of NP Recognise tactical only Recognise brand NP (Each axis 0-80%) +12+13 +18

25 Adding brand newspapers prompts a 47% increase in call to action Advertising measures – Call to action Gives me a reason to go out and shop at Comet Top 2 Box % 25 +60+47+31

26 Multiple newspaper executions key to boosting motivation Advertising measures – Call to action Gives me a reason to go out and shop at Comet Top 2 Box % 26

27 Higher emotional connection with newspaper ads Advertising measures – Brand values Helps me connect and identify more strongly Top 2 Box % 27

28 Adding brand newspaper ads drives re-appraisal Advertising measures – Re-appraisal Surprising and gets me to think differently Top 2 Box % 28

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