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Discovering Yourself There is something special about each one of us.

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1 Discovering Yourself There is something special about each one of us.

2 Heredity The passing on of genetic factors that determine individual characteristics from parents.

3 List characteristics that you have inherited.

4 Personality The way you look, how you act and what you communicate to others.

5 I am………. Would these statements represent a good description of what you are like? What does it mean when someone says “you have a pleasant personality”. Why do employers look for someone with a pleasant personality? How does your personality affect what others think of you?

6 Self Esteem What you think and feel about your strengths, weaknesses, abilities and characteristics. (the mental picture you have of yourself) How does self-esteem develop?

7 Responsibilities Each day you make choices. You must decide to do your homework, to make your bed, to eat healthy, to exercise, to obey rules, to help others, to keep promises, to do chores, etc.

8 Traits Distinguishing characteristics of a person.

9 Personality Your feelings and actions are influenced by TRAITS. Your TRAITS start to develop early in life and continue to grow and develop. Your TRAITS combine to make you one of a kind ~ Unique.

10 Personality Think about your personality… The way you look… The way you think… The way you behave… …these are all part of your personality Your personality should reveal who you ARE! Not who others THINK you are!

11 Personality How you get along with others reflects your personality. Your personality also reflects what others think about you. Friendly Nice Thoughtful Pleasant

12 Personality Draw chart. Fill in columns with Traits these people would say you have. FriendsParentsTeachers

13 Paper Plate Activity Supplies Needed~ Each Student Needs Paper Plate Safety Pin Pencil Directions 1. Find a partner to pin the paper plate on the back of your shirt. 2. Students will go around and write a positive personality trait (about that person) on each person’s plate. 3. Remove plates and share with class.

14 Why do we have a certain personality? Two factors influence your personalities. Heredity Environment

15 Day 2

16 Heredity and Environment Heredity helps determine your physical traits. Physical Traits ~ are the distinguishing characteristics of your body. Eye and Skin Color Height Facial Features Body Build What else?

17 Environment All living and non-living things around you. Examples of your environment: Where you live. Where you go to school. Friends

18 Heredity and Environment Environment is a BIG factor that influences your personality. Your Environment includes your home, neighbors, classmates, and teachers. ALL the people and places you come into contact with affect you in some way. Your family and friends have the greatest effects on you.

19 Acquired Traits Traits that are learned from the people and things around you.

20 Heredity and Environment Think about your interest, hobbies and abilities Some are acquired You have some traits that are influenced by both heredity and your environment. Body build may be inherited But the athletic skill to play a sport is acquired

21 Complete “Who Am I” worksheet.

22 Day 3

23 Culture All the knowledge and values shared by a society.

24 Culture Your culture also influences the person you become. Culture refers to the ways of: Thinking Acting Dressing Speaking shared by a group of people Food you eat Holidays you celebrate Cultures may be based on: Race Ethnic group Geographic location Social class

25 Family Background Your family has one of the strongest influences on the person you become. Only child Brothers & Sisters Oldest Youngest Activities your family does All these influence who you are!

26 Experiences Each person has a unique set of experiences. Every experience you have affects a person’s: Attitude Achievements Outlook on life During your teen years, new experiences help you grow into a unique individual.

27 Role The way you behave when you interact with other people.

28 Roles The roles you have: determine how you relate to other people and how you act in various situations. You have many roles: At home you may be a: Son / Daughter Brother /Sister At school you may be a: Student Best friend Team member In the community you may be: A volunteer Member of a Scout Troop

29 Roles You learn your roles by talking to and watching people who are important to you!

30 One of a Kind You share some traits with other people: Need for Food Shelter Love

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