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Fall Protection.

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1 Fall Protection

2 Where The Standards Are
Federal OSHA: Subpart M Cal/OSHA: 8 CCR Article – Discuss differences in standards. Instruct where to apply/send permit and notification for Cal OSHA. Where The Standards Are

3 Duty To Have Fall Protection
Employees must be protected from falls

4 Fall Protection Methods
Guardrails Restraints Covers Equipment Building design

5 Residential Roofers – 6 feet
Trigger Heights Federal OSHA Cal/OSHA General Trigger - 6 feet Residential Roofers – 6 feet Rod Busters – 6 feet Ironworkers – 15 feet Connectors – 30 feet General Trigger – 7.5 feet Framers – 15 feet Commercial Roofer – 20 feet (measured from lowest edge) Residential Roofer (slope 3:12 to 7:12) – 15 feet >7:12 fall protection is mandatory regardless of height Framers only are allowed 15 feet if they are walking on a surface with a 4-inch nominal width. 3 feet of vertical rise to 12 feet of horizontal run

6 Fall Protection Methods
Guardrails Hole Covers Safety Nets Restraint Systems Positioning Systems Fall Arrest Systems

7 Guardrails Federal OSHA Cal/OSHA Top Rail 39-45 inches high
Mid Rail – Between top and bottom (21 inches) Toe Board 3.5 inches high Posts – 8 feet apart Top Rail inches high Mid Rail – Between top and bottom (21 inches) Toe Board 3.5 inches high Posts – 8 feet apart

8 Guardrail Strength Top Rail - 200 lbs. outward and downward force
Mid Rail – 150 lbs. Toe-board – 50 lbs. Deflection - <3 inches

9 Cable Guardrails Flagged every 6 feet Deflect < 3 inches
Proper U Bolt clips

10 Ramps and Walkways Guardrails required at 6 feet (Federal OSHA)
Guardrails required at 7.5 feet (Cal/OSHA)

11 Holes and Openings Guardrails or covers Covers must Be secure Labeled
Support twice the exposed weight

12 Ladders Fall protection required If used near leading edge
Over the top of guardrails

13 Positioning Devices 3,000 lbs. anchor or 2 times intended load
Limit fall to 2 feet May need fall arrest as well Typically rebar or carpenters

14 Fall Restraint Anchorage – 4 times intended load
Prevents fall POTENTIAL May use a belt

15 Fall Arrest 5,000 lbs. anchorage Full body harness
Retractable lanyards Shock absorbing lanyards Double lanyards

16 Shock Absorbing Lanyards
3,600 lbs. gate strength Note: WAS 300 lbs. 5,000 lbs. hook strength and lanyard strength Limit free fall to 6 –feet or less Deceleration distance of 3.5 feet Limit arresting force to 1,800 lbs. 5,000 lbs. per employee attached! Retractable must have a tensile load of 3,000 lbs. if limiting the fall to 2 feet and 5,000 lbs. if limiting the fall to more than 2 feet.

17 Retractable Lanyards Attached directly to D-ring
Limit free fall to 2 feet Be aware: Swing radius Pulling out more line than height Annual inspections

18 Lanyards and Harnesses
Inspect prior to use Properly store Keep clean Wear properly Keep away from: Heat, chemicals, harsh cleaners, what else? No knots! Also keep away from sharp objects, out of the sun, don’t store in your car window, sparks.

19 Snap Hooks Gate strength of 3,600 lbs. Double locking
Rated for 5,000 lbs.

20 Catenary Lines (Horizontal Life Line)
Designed, installed and used under supervision of Qualified person Safety factor of 2

21 Vertical Life Lines Rope Grab Cable Grab Pipe Grab
One employee per line 5,000 lbs. strength Align arrow up

22 Anchorage Points As high as possible
Support at least 5,000 lbs. for fall arrest How much for restraint?

23 Inspections Prior to each use Wear marks Tears Signs it stopped a fall

24 Inspections Cracks in rings, hooks Distortion of snap hooks or D-rings
Shock absorbers in good condition

25 Retractable Inspections
Check locking mechanism on retractable lanyard Check cable Ensure annual inspection is done

26 Inspections UV damage Chemical burns Thermal burns Fraying

27 Storage Clean dry place Hung properly Away from heat No sharp objects
No chemicals Power tools Tangles

28 Storage Correct Incorrect

29 Storage Correct Incorrect

30 Rescue PROMPT!!!! What can hanging in a harness do to you?
Have a written plan Self rescue or outside rescue? Do not rely on 911 alone!

31 Safety Nets As close as possible to working surface
30 feet maximum distance Clearance below Inspected weekly Drop tested

32 Controlled Access Zones
Consist of ropes, wires, tapes, etc. Flagged every 6 feet 200 lbs. breaking strength Edge distances vary depending on task 39 to 45 inches high Edge distances are as follows: 6 feet to 25 feet from leading edge for general work; 6 feet to 60 feet from leading edge for precast concrete member erection; Overhand bricking laying 10 feet to 15 feet from working edge

33 Safety Monitoring System
Low slop roof work or fall protection plan covered employees only Monitor shall have no other task No mechanical equipment used

34 Safety Monitoring System
Monitor must be competent Monitor must be on the same working level Clear communications

35 Fall Protection Plan Only for Leading edge work
Precast concrete erection work Residential construction work ALL other methods must be infeasible (good luck)

36 Fall Protection Plan Conforms To Drafted by Qualified Person
Site specific Maintained at jobsite Supervised by Competent Person Document why other methods are not feasible

37 Training Anyone that might be exposed Recognition of hazards
Minimize hazards Employee rolls

38 Training Nature of fall hazards Fall protection systems
Maintenance of systems Inspection of systems

39 Training Regulatory standards Equipment limitations
Storage of equipment

40 Certification of Training
Name of employee Name of trainer or employer Training date(s) Signature of trainer

41 Retraining Workplace changes Equipment changes
Employee actions or inactions

42 Questions How many lbs. must the anchor support for a fall arrest system? 5,000 How often do you inspect your equipment? Before each use

43 Questions How much weight must a guardrail support?
200 lbs. What is the standard guardrail height? 39-45 inches

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