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County Judge Phase II: 2.001 Theoffice of The office of.

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1 County Judge Phase II: 2.001 Theoffice of The office of

2 Objectives History of the Office Constitutional Authority Current Legal Authority Basic Responsibilities Key Terms

3 History of the Office “Chief Justice” Appointed by Congress 1836 – 1841 1841: Office Was Made Elective Constitutions of 1845 & 1861: 2 Year Terms Constitution of 1866: Name and 4 Year Term

4 History of the Office Constitution of 1869: Abolished Office Constitution of 1876: Re-Established Office and 2 Year Term Amendment in 1954: 4 Year Term

5 History of the Office Stems from Article V, Sections 15-18 of the Texas Constitution Elected to a 4 year term by qualified voters of the county Constitutional Authority  Jurisdiction provided by law  Limited authority

6 Miscellaneous Powers County Judge:  person to be served  performs various administrative duties  chief executive official in county government Texas Constitution - county court in each county Not all judges perform judicial functions

7 Miscellaneous Powers County court: civil, criminal, original and appellate jurisdiction Criminal jurisdiction Civil jurisdiction Juvenile jurisdiction

8 Constitutional Authority County Courts at Law  Texas Legislature can create special county courts  The judge of a county court at law must be an attorney  The county court at law judge is elected to a 4 year term by qualified voters of the county

9 Assuming Office Bond Qualifications  No formal study of law nor a license to practice  Main qualification - ability to be elected  V.G. Young Institute of County Government January, 1994 poll Oath of Office and related statements Fees & Bonds Other Positions

10 Basic Responsibilities Presiding Officer of the Commissioners Court Administrative Official Authority in the Mental Health Field

11 General Duties Associated With: The Holding of Elections The Operation of the County Court The Preservation and Promotion of Mental Health The Creation and/or Operation of Special Districts Various General Administrative Duties

12 Continuing Education 30 Hours - First Year 16 Hours - Each Year Thereafter Records Kept at Texas Association of Counties Office Sources of CE Credit

13 Definitions of Jurisdiction Jurisdiction General Jurisdiction Exclusive Jurisdiction Concurrent Jurisdiction Civil Jurisdiction

14 Review County Judge is vested with duties in all three branches of government.  1. Legislative branch: Presiding officer of the Commissioners Court, and administrative duties such as mental hearings, calling, posting and canvassing elections. Preparing the budget in counties under 225,000 population. County Judge is the Emergency Management Director.

15 2. Judicial branch: A constitutional county judge in Texas is usually the judge of the County Criminal Court, County civil Court, Probate Court, and the Juvenile Court. The County court Is a court of record

16 3. The Executive branch: The Constitutional County Judge is looked upon as the chief executive official in county government. The county judge is the person served in a suit against the county. The county judge has the power to declare emergencies in times of disaster.


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