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Anita Navarro, Davis High School Counselor Presented by: Cassey Aranda Informational Interview.

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1 Anita Navarro, Davis High School Counselor Presented by: Cassey Aranda Informational Interview

2 Background Elementary Teacher for 4 years. She enjoyed teaching, but did not like following the script to the T. Become a counselor because at her old job they were not allowed to help children when needed. Example: A girl went to her because she had lost her grandma and was very emotional about it, but Anita could not be there for her because she had to help other kids who her boss said “needed” her more. There was not enough teachers or counselors to help everyone. Loves working with kids and wanted to help them emotionally and socially.

3 Services offered Social Services Emotional Services Academic Services Prevention Intervention Programs

4 Duties included on a typical day When she gets to the school, parents and students are their waiting for her. Has to counsel them and help them with what they need. Does student scheduling Helps everyone else that comes to her with issues and personal things Must answer emails and phone calls Always a meeting with teachers and administration Helps with the crsis intervention with students who want to hurt themselves and have personal problems

5 Continued… Must do “staffing” Has to schedule a meeting with student, teacher, counselor, and administration/principal to come up with a success plan for an individual who is not doing to well in class. Runs the pep club. Works with Above and Beyond: Which works with agencies outside of Davis High School. Comprehensive Mental Health Catholic Families DSHS services With these agencies they help students who are not able to get help at Davis.

6 Continued… She presents in classroom about counseling so she can get to know more students. Each day is different. Sometimes their can be a lot going on and another day their can be nothing going on. “Must go with the flow.”

7 Likes about her job Her kids go to school their. Gets summers off. She is never alone, everyone works as a team. When overwhelmed she has others to go talk to about it. High School is more of a respectable place then elementary and middle school.

8 Dislike about her job Does not like that she can get burnt out. Must take care of yourself Get a lot of rest

9 Child Abuse (CA) & Domestic Violence (DV) CA: Students will go to her and say their mom/dad hit them with a closed fist. Another student said her mom left her with no clothes or shelter for days because the girl did not want to move with the moms boyfriend so the mom took all the students stuff and left the student DV: A girl said the mom hit her. It got investigated, but the girl actually attacked her mom. Anita provided family counseling and parenting classes.

10 Something to change about her job Anita said she would change the fact that they have to work on a scheduling.

11 Essential Elements Intervention: Has to be a problem to intervene, rather prevent the problem. They intervene with referrals Invention is problem solving Prevention: They don’t have prevention at Davis, however they do have it at elementary and middle schools. Work with teachers and counselors Integrate with curriculum.

12 Future Social worker (SW) should know Willingness to be able to take what kids say to you. Whatever they say, let them know it is not their fault. Leave it up to them to open up to you, it takes time. Ask questions guiding them. Breaking confidentially to help them get help.

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