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Experience, Technology and Focus in Mid Market CRM Soffront Marketing Automation– An Overview.

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1 Experience, Technology and Focus in Mid Market CRM Soffront Marketing Automation– An Overview

2 “We tried several different products and finally settled on Soffront for various reasons: price, web access, ease of customization, and local hosting, among other things. Our marketing team just sent out targeted emails to nearly 20,000 leads and customers with the click of a few buttons.” Dave Ritchie, Javelina Software. Testimonial

3 “Soffront is helping us track trends and perform data analysis, which we expect will improve our marketing ROI. We have imported all of our client information into Soffront, and we are now using the product to create and distribute customized surveys. Megan Graham, PrincetonOne Testimonial

4 Key Features Plan and execute multi-stage and single-stage campaigns Execute Multi-channel campaigns Design campaign as per target audience Tracking Hyperlinks, Leads, and emails Auto-update subscription Configurable Workflow

5 Capture and assign leads automatically Execute targeted and personalized campaigns Identify cross-sell and up-sell opportunities Improve response rates and enhance customer retention Measure campaign response Measure your marketing ROI Robust campaign management Key Benefits

6 Overview

7 Dashboard Marketing team dashboard Marketing Manager Dashboard

8 Marketing with Soffront CRM Green software is launching a new construction management software product. Marketing team is creating a targeted email campaign.

9 Campaign Workflow

10 Targeted e-mail Campaign Lead Gathering Demographic Filtering Target List Create Campaign Stage I Initial Email Create Email messages Send Initial Email Did the Email Bounce? Did they open it? Did they click thru? Updated Customer Record Yes Trigger Stage II Yes No Yes Send Follow Up Email Analyze Results Improve Campaign Campaign Flowchart

11 Customer Leads Contact list in CRM database Opt-in / Opt-out marketing Contacts from Trade Shows, Expos, Seminars

12 Information Request from Web site Submitted request reflects in the CRM database as a lead Gather Leads from Online Marketing Web based generation of Leads

13 Contacts gathered from Tradeshows & Events stored in Excel Importing Records to CRM database Leads - Generated from an Event

14 Lead - Generated The lead generated can be assigned to the sales representative automatically using assignment rules.

15 Contact Segmentation Create a filter to segment leads in the target market.

16 Campaign Creation Create a new campaign specifying details Target Audience Campaign name/ type Multi stage campaign

17 Associate and create a new campaign stage specifying details Campaign Stage – I Target Audience Campaign stage name

18 The email message sends a link about product features and a brief survey questionnaire. The link and customer response will be tracked. Insert URL and Lead tracking Specify target audience Provide personal touch using fields from contact list Campaign Message – I

19 360 ° View of Stage 1

20 Campaign Execution Sends initial email. E-mail bounces back customer record updated. Customer opens the mail and clicks, stage-II is triggered Schedule the campaign to be executed later. Execute the campaign

21 Campaign Stage – II Create a follow up campaign stage associated to the earlier campaign.

22 Create and associate a personalized campaign message Follow Up Message

23 Scheduled campaign automatically or manually. Campaign Scheduling Schedule campaign execution at a later date

24 360° View of Campaign

25 Campaign Analysis Measure campaign performance Refine the next campaign performance based on figures from the earlier campaigns

26 Measuring campaign response in real –time Improve campaigns even during their execution Campaign Response Tracking Percentage of sent mail Track of email response The tracked URL Number of clicks Percentage of clicks Cost per click

27 Measure your Marketing ROI Measure the results of your multi-channel campaigns. Analyze Key Performance Identifiers (KPIs) such as –The number of leads generated –The number of actual closures –Percentage increase or decrease in customer retention –Click-thru ratios and response rates

28 Subscription Subscribe for the different marketing activities Keep track of the subscriptions

29 Summary Soffront Marketing Automation can increase customer base while lowering costs Your ROI will increase through fast real-time analysis of your marketing efforts

30 For more information, please contact Soffront at: USA: 1-510-413-9000 Email: Web: Contact Information

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