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Colleagues in Care P4H Port Au Prince, Haiti 5 December 2011.

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1 Colleagues in Care P4H Port Au Prince, Haiti 5 December 2011

2 Humbled by The Enormity… Colleagues in Care is a quality-based, systems approach that forms a bridge better able to harness and leverage the energy, knowledge, and service of a volunteer healthcare provider workforce, united with their Haitian colleagues in the common medical passion to alleviate suffering.

3 Purpose is Power-full! Purpose is the source of all power. William Smith, PhD, The Creative Power: Transforming Our Lives, Our Organizations, Our Worlds” Power properly understood is nothing but the ability to achieve purpose… MLK King's "Drum Major Instinct" sermon given on 4 February 1968

4 ©2011 Colleagues in Care All rights reserved. Health Care is a Human Right Purpose is Power-full The CIC Manifesto: Individuals CAN Move Mountains Inclusive and Equity-based Open Access: Give The Knowledge Away Mutual Respect: Value Dialogue & Learning Together

5 The Opportunity Harness new cloud, social and mobile technologies… And bring together the best medical minds in the world to change the rules of the game and transform health- care services in destitute regions anywhere around the world

6 What is CiC’s Purpose ? To build networks of relationships among volunteers and stakeholders – Colleagues Who Care – to create Best Possible Practice models that are multiplicative, self-organizing and to deliver sustainable knowledge, measureable outcomes & quality care with fewer resources, in less time while building in-country capacities.

7 Systems Transformation Models BPP ³ Clinical Best Possible Practices & Sustainable Knowledge BPP² Communication, Collaboration & Coordination Tools IBM Cloud-Based Platform E-Volunteers Micro- Volunteers Physical Volunteers

8 Building Bridges Connecting Colleagues in the Helping and Healing Profession of Medicine Temporal Bridge in Solidarity Bridging the Digital Divide Bridging the Gap from Evidence to Action A Bridge Built on Mutual Respect Foundation A Bridge of Mutual Learning



11 Colleagues in Care Dashboard

12 CiC Communities

13 Eye Care/Vision Community

14 Eye Care Protocols

15 A Protocol Submission… Original Protocol Submission in FrenchTranslated in Google Translate

16 To Editable Protocol File…

17 ...Best Possible Practice Draft

18 Standard Order Sets

19 Evidence - Based Pub Med

20 Go to the Source

21 Colleagues in Care A New Movement: Serve Better. Work Better. Live Better Reinvent volunteerism. Harness the power of community. Move mountains. Transform lives.

22 Contact Information John G. Kenerson, M.D. Marie Kenerson

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