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The Pathway to Success Energize Downtown Partnering for Success – Initiative 1.

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1 The Pathway to Success Energize Downtown Partnering for Success – Initiative 1

2 The Pathway to Success Introduction & Purpose Partnering with downtown stakeholders and investors Helping redevelop downtown as a great college town Great college towns have adjacent districts to attract quality students, faculty and staff Adding value to the Sycamore experience

3 The Pathway to Success Methods Develop downtown retail compatible with college population. Partner with professional developer to attract targeted merchants. Support the growing Arts District through collaboration with the City and downtown arts organizations. Continue to support and provide leadership for Downtown Terre Haute, Inc. Perpetually identify and engage with projects that support the "great college town" environment. Work with downtown stakeholders to promote downtown as a shopping, dining, entertainment and special event destination for the region. Establish student engagement opportunities

4 The Pathway to Success Benchmarks Students engaged in downtown organizations and activities Agencies engaged by Energize Downtown initiative Downtown events supported by University New "college focused" merchants locating downtown Subscribers to "ChooseDowntown" Weekly Newsletter Members of Downtown Terre Haute, Inc.

5 The Pathway to Success Discussion A "great college town" is not dependent on a singular event, project or organization. It happens over time, through the investment of both public and private resources, targeting the market opportunity created by a density of students, faculty, alumni and the greater community. Strong partnerships are key to our success. Supporting the work of Downtown Terre Haute, Inc. (DTH), partnering with arts organizations, and collaborating with the city and other stakeholders are important initiative benchmarks. Engaging students, faculty and staff in this process also supports the Pathway to Success by enhancing experiential learning, creating engagement opportunities and ultimately helping improve the quality of life at ISU.

6 The Pathway to Success Discussion Benchmark indicators for Fall 2011, include at least 10 ISU students working directly with Energize Downtown projects, engagement activity with at least 6 external agencies, sponsorship of 5 downtown events, supporting the location and promotion of 5 new merchants downtown, and helping increase the number of members in DTH (160) and the number of subscribers to the downtown weekly e-newsletter (2,800). Future goal projections are based on cumulative numbers and reflect an ongoing intent to engage with events, organizations and projects that have a direct impact on the promotion and vitality of downtown. By 2014, the Energize Downtown initiative can have a high level of impact on multiple goals within the strategic plan, especially in areas of engagement and experiential learning.

7 The Pathway to Success Summary Although the Energize Downtown initiative has experienced some early success, the full maturity of Terre Haute as a great college town is a long term strategy that should span multiple years and administrations. Additionally, sustaining a healthy "town/gown" relationship will be an important step toward reaching our full potential. As we continue to engage with community partners to help reinvent downtown Terre Haute as a great college town, the benefits will serve our shared interests of economic development, job creation and improved quality of life, ultimately helping the university attract and retain quality students, faculty and staff.

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