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Learning Focused Schools in the 21st Century

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1 Learning Focused Schools in the 21st Century
Presented By Cheryl Capozzoli

2 Training Rationale Provide hands-on training that will assist teachers, administrators and coaches with a clear understanding and effective implementation of Learning Focused Schools strategies. Enhance LFS with the effective integration of instructional technology practices and resources. Build curriculum that encompasses effective instructional practices to ensure high levels of learning, academic performance and success for all students.

3 Training Agenda and Goals
Hands-on training will focus on the following training modules: 8:00 – 9:00 – Overview and demonstration of LFS instructional strategies for effective unit/lesson plan creation (LFS Binder) 9:05 – 10:05 – LFS Toolbox 2.5 overview and demonstration of curriculum development, storage and sharing in the LFS online platform. (LFS Toolbox Tutorial) 10:10 – 11:20 – Learn to enhance LFS strategies with effective 21st Century instructional technology practices. (LFS in the 21st Century Handout, DI Template)

4 Training Handouts/Manuals
LFS Strategies Binder LFS Online Web Toolbox 2.0/2.5 Handout LFS and Instructional Technology Integration Handout Other Online Resources

5 LFS Strategies in the 21st Century
Build differentiated LFS curriculum with the appropriate educational technology resources Decide on desired learning outcomes Targeted 21st Century Skills and NETS Identify student learning styles and needs Choose a technology that will enhance the LFS strategy Keep it simple Review, Revise, Reinvent, Redo

6 21st Century Instructional Practices
Engage the learner through high levels of interactivity Offer varied levels or styles of learning and attainment Use of effective digital technology formats Provide productive opportunities for learners Open collaborative environments Offer high levels of varied communications Support and reinforce core standards, benchmarks and digital competencies

7 Building Differentiated LFS Lesson Plans
Create integrated lessons using this template Instructional Technology strategies Online DI Template Sample Template

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