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Jane receives another letter from Bingley’s sister. She writes that they are not returning to Netherfield and that Bingley and Darcy’s sisters are becoming.

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1 Jane receives another letter from Bingley’s sister. She writes that they are not returning to Netherfield and that Bingley and Darcy’s sisters are becoming extremely close. Chapter 24

2 Jane thinks Bingley never liked her, but Elizabeth still thinks Miss Bingley is being mean.

3 Jane decides to go on a trip with her aunt and uncle, Mr. & Mrs. Gardiner. She is going to London. Chapter 25 Secretly, Jane is hoping to see Bingley in London. Elizabeth thinks Jane won’t see him because his sisters will not let her see him.

4 Jane leaves for London with the Gardiners. Once in London, she sends a letter to Elizabeth. Chapter 26 In the letter, Jane tells Elizabeth that she saw Bingley’s sisters, but that they were curt to her. Jane finally sees that they are not kind.

5 Back at Longbourn, Elizabeth goes to the wedding of Charlotte and Mr. Collins. Charlotte makes Elizabeth promise to come and visit her new home soon.

6 Elizabeth leaves for Hunsford to visit Charlotte. On the way they stop in London to visit Jane. Chapter 27 Elizabeth discovers that Jane is depressed because Bingley has not contacted her at all and because his sisters were so mean to her.

7 Elizabeth continues her journey to Hunsford. When she arrives she sees that the parsonage is small, but clean and maintained. Chapter 28

8 Elizabeth is happy to see her friend, even though Mr. Collins is still very annoying. Upon arriving, Elizabeth, Mr. Collins and Charlotte were invited to Rosings to dine with Lady Catherine.

9 The groups travels up to Lady Catherine’s home for dinner. Elizabeth finds that the woman in opinionated and commanding. Chapter 29

10 Everyone at the dinner party is intimidated by Lady Catherine, except for Elizabeth. Even when Lady Catherine is insulting Elizabeth’s family, Elizabeth claims to disagree with her. No one has ever disagreed with Lady Catherine before.

11 Over the next couple days, Lady Catherine comes and visits Mr. Collin’s home, making suggestions to Charlotte of how she could do better job of running the house. Chapter 30

12 One day, Darcy, and Colonel Fitzwilliam visit the Collin’s house. They are visiting their Aunt, Lady Catherine for Easter. Darcy still acted stiff and unfriendly, however Colonel Fitzwilliam was friendly and very nice. Elizabeth enjoyed talking with him.

13 On Easter Sunday, the Collins’ and Elizabeth are invited back to dinner at Rosings. During the evening Elizabeth and Colonel Fitzwilliam get along very well. Chapter 31

14 Colonel Fitzwilliam is able to get Elizabeth to play the piano for him. Mr. Darcy comes over and watches Elizabeth play the piano.

15 The next day, Elizabeth is sitting alone in the parlor at Charlotte’s house when Darcy comes to visit. They don’t have a lot to talk about and he leaves when Charlotte comes home. Chapter 32

16 Again, Elizabeth sees Darcy, but this time it is while she is on a walk. She sees him several more times when walking, and each time, he walks with her back to the house. Chapter 33

17 One day she sees Colonel Fitzwilliam on her walk. While they walked, he told her about how Darcy convinced his best friend Bingley to not marry a girl, even though he was in love with her.

18 Colonel Fitzwilliam is talking about Jane. This makes Elizabeth so upset, that she stays home alone instead of having dinner at Rosings that night.

19 While alone, Elizabeth is reading one of Jane’s letters. Darcy rushes to her to make sure she is not ill. He was worried. Chapter 34

20 Once assured she was alright, he continues to speak to her and tells her that he loves her. He tells her he loves her even though she has no money, no connections to important people and even though she is inferior to him.

21 Darcy expected Elizabeth to be flattered by someone as superior as he is to love her. But Elizabeth was insulted by his pointing out her inferiorities.

22 She is also mad at him because of the way he separated Jane and Bingley AND because of the way Wickham said he was treated by Darcy. She said no to Darcy’s proposal.

23 Elizabeth is upset and can’t sleep. She goes for a walk. While she is walking, Darcy finds her and hands her a letter. He leaves quickly. Chapter 35

24 In the letter, Darcy explains first about Jane and then about Wickham. 1. Darcy did not believe Jane truly loved Bingley, so he was trying to protect his best friend.

25 2. With Wickham, he explained how he had given the money his father promised to Wickham, and that Wickham squandered it all. Wickham then came and pretended to be in love with Darcy’s sister so that he could get her money. Darcy was able to stop Wickham before they eloped.

26 Elizabeth is confused when she reads the letter, and thinks about it for a long time. Chapter 36

27 She believes Darcy’s letter about Mr. Wickham and about trying to protect his friend.

28 Over the next week, Elizabeth continues to re- read Darcy’s letter. She is embarrassed by the way she acted toward him before she knew the truth. Chapter 37

29 Elizabeth leaves the Collins’ and returns home. She is not sure how much to tell Jane about the letter from Darcy. Chapters 38 & 39

30 When she arrives home, she is excited to see her family. She is also excited to hear the soldiers are leaving Meryton. She is afraid her flirty sisters Kitty and Lydia will get themselves in trouble by flirting with all of the officers.

31 Elizabeth tells Jane about Darcy’s proposal and about Wickham. She does not tell Jane about Darcy’s interference with her and Bingley. Chapter 40 Elizabeth does not tell the rest of her family about Darcy’s proposal or about Wickham. She does not want to embarrass Darcy by telling about how his sister almost eloped.

32 Lydia is invited to go on a trip with a friend to Brighton, where all of the soldiers are heading to. Chapter 41

33 Mr. Bennet lets her go, even though Elizabeth warns him that this would be a bad idea. She is afraid Lydia will flirt and embarrass the family.

34 After Lydia leaves for Brighton, Elizabeth prepares to take a trip with her Aunt and Uncle Gardiner. They are going to Derbyshire, whish is near Mr. Darcy’s home. Chapter 42

35 She leaves on her trip, and Elizabeth is having a wonderful time. One day, the Gardiners suggest that they go and take a tour of Pemberley, Mr. Darcy’s estate.

36 Elizabeth does not want to go see Pemberley, but when she is told that Mr. Darcy wouldn’t be home, she decides to go.

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