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Concepts of physical activity

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1 Concepts of physical activity
‘Tying-up everything up a neat little package’ lesson

2 OAA Our beautiful land is blessed with many outstanding landscapes that support the provision of Outdoors & Adventurous activities. Think of three actual places__________,__________,___________ & the things you could do there_________,__________,____________. Many laws have been enacted over the centuries giving ‘working’ people greater access to these areas. A number of OAA activities can be seen as being ‘sports’ as well. using the definitions from last week identify three OAA that could be seen as ‘Sports’ __________,__________,___________ OAA carries with it the notion of ‘perceived’ & ‘actual’ risk. Risk relates to the element of predictability in a situation. Where a situation is predictable and therefore avoidable any danger is subjective – connected to an individuals’ knowledge & experience. An inexperienced person with an experienced leader may think that the situation is dangerous and will feel at risk, but due to the leaders experience they are in a predictable and relatively safe position. At the other end of the spectrum a situation can have so much unpredictability that it has high levels of objective & non-avoidable danger, no matter how experienced the participants. Copy diagram on p235 of book & list benefits on same page

3 The Mortlock experience-risk continuum
Task – Study this for 3 mins and then we will use it to explain the examples on p131 of clever book Increasingly predictable Increasingly unpredictable SUBJECTIVE DANGER SECTION OBJECTIVE DANGER SECTION Totally avoidable Experience, personality Totally unavoidable

4 Sport 20 mins to create a presentation about you and your relationship with sport. Slide 1 – Sporting history (don’t show off, we are not your mum/favourite auntie/cat so we don’t obsess daily about your many successes) Slide 2 – Say why you do it (clue – use the ‘objectives’ of sport reasons on p136/7 to explain your reasoning Slide 3 – Suggest any benefits society gets from you doing your sport. (clue – as slide 2)

5 PE Characteristics: Summarise these here

6 Task Compare the approaches, aims & philosophy of your PE teachers and your coaches at your sports clubs. How do they differ? How are they similar?

7 Now………….this is your home learning
Name 5 characteristics of the concept of play What does the term recreation mean and from where is it derived? How can work affect peoples leisure time? What factors have led to the change and growth in people’s leisure time? What are the key terms that characterise the term physical education Name 5 aims of physical education

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