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Energising & Empowering Civil Society Engagement with Public Budgets and Expenditure in Southern Africa Centre for Economic Governance and AIDS in Africa.

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1 Energising & Empowering Civil Society Engagement with Public Budgets and Expenditure in Southern Africa Centre for Economic Governance and AIDS in Africa Open Governance Partnership – 12 July 11

2 CEGAA is an NPO that empowers citizens and civil society structures to engage with their governments’ budget and expenditure with regards to HIV/AIDS, health and other development issues, and to monitor the outputs of the spending – ie. The quality of services rendered, at the community level. In South Africa CEGAA also undertakes budget monitoring, costing, expenditure tracking and training of public officials in budgeting & financial information systems.

3 Tools we support partners to use Budget analysis & expenditure tracking tools Citizen Report Card Citizen Satisfaction Survey Public hearing and accountability forums with citizens and public officials HIV/AIDS expenditure tracking software (UNAIDS: Resource Tracking Software) Excel - presentation of impactful findings Training for public officials in costing, budgeting, financial management, improving financial information systems

4 NANGO and members of the Zimbabwean Budget Coalition are trained in analysing their government’s budget

5 The Zimbabwe Budget Coalition work on developing community monitoring tools of various services

6 In Zimbabwe, members of the Community Working Group on Health engage the Ministry of Health on issues of access to health services

7 Zimbabweans demand their right to health.

8 In South Africa, the ART patients reported long queues for their drugs

9 TAC & CEGAA present the evidence at public hearings in SA



12 Public Hearing in SA – officials listen to the people

13 CEGAA’s assessment of total spending on HIV/AIDS and TB in SADC countries

14 CEGAA’s assessment of the per capita HIV/AIDS spending by region/ area can identify issues of equity and efficiency in delivery

15 Community Working Group on Health in Zimbabwe helps NGOs from the SADC region to identify their advocacy issues to which they can add budget evidence and advocacy

16 CEGAA’s comparison of regional HIV prevention spending – assists countries determine if they are targeting effective prevention interventions

17 CEGAA examined the cost drivers and efficiency of the delivery of ART by region -variations showing need for improved efficiency

18 In forward projecting the impact & costs of an expanded response to HIV/AIDS in South Africa, CEGAA found a potential funding shortfall – data which should mobilise govt & donors & business sector to collaborate more transparently in the future development of their new Strategic Plan and resource mobilisation

19 Projecting the impact of expanded spending on HIV incidence

20 Projecting the costs of an expanded response to HIV in SA

21 Estimating the Funding Gap – Mobilising Resources

22 Requirements for Civil Society engagement Online access to timely budgetary and expenditure data, linked to performance indicators. e.g. South Africa OBI rating & People’s Budget All development partners giving funds to Africa should declare and align their intentions, spending & longer-term commitments with the national priorities. District level budget/ development committees, involving citizens and public officials – to determine their district’s needs, set priorities, budget for these, and monitor spending on them. HIV/AIDS multi-sectoral co-ordinating structures with political power & commitment, to which all actors must report regularly - activities and spending. Innovative technology can transform citizens’ access to information – but key is the individual’s experience for their motivation for involvement

23 Enhanced Budget Monitoring and Expenditure Tracking Empowers citizens to understand what their governments are doing with public funds Helps them identify the key challenges with the financial information systems, which are limiting sound economic governance So as to demand increases in efficient spending Also to call for improved financial data systems that will enhance transparency and accountability It is not enough for citizens to be empowered with these tools – government officials responsible for priority setting, costing, budgeting, and spending according to plan require skills and enhanced financial information systems, esp. at local levels All partners need to be transparent and accountable for their activities and spending, especially development partners

24 South African Efforts Public Finance Management Act – governs all levels of public finance Presidential Hotline where public can lodge their complaints about service delivery Know Your Service Rights Campaign, launched 2007 Integrated Financial Management System being developed Operation Clean Audit 2014 – all municipalities & provincial depts have achieved clean audits of their financial statements Financial Management Capability Maturity Model – to ass capacity of public institutions Money Bills Amendment Procedure Act (2009) – Allows Parliament to hold govt accountable, to interrogate their deployment of resources, & gives them power to amend the budget Integrated Development Plans at district level engaging communities National key performance areas (KPAs) for local govt and all Ministers sign collaborative Delivery Agreements National Framework for Ward Funding Municipal Infrastructure Grants Local Economic Development Plans

25 Thank You For further information, contact: Nhlanhla Ndlovu or Teresa Guthrie CEGAA Tel: +27-21-425-2852

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