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American Council of Learned Societies Humanities E-Book

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1 American Council of Learned Societies Humanities E-Book
Demo version 6.0 December 16, 2011

2 ACLS Humanities E-Book Background
ACLS Humanities E-Book (HEB) is an online collection of over 3,300 books of high quality in the Humanities. Accessed through institutional and individual subscriptions. It offers over 1 million pages and 80,000 images. Includes monographs, primary source materials, digital archives, collections of essays, and databases. HEB was launched in September 2002 with a grant from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. It became self-sufficient in April 2005 and is a not-for-profit scholarly publishing venture. In June 2007, the ACLS History E-Book Project became ACLS Humanities E-Book.

3 ACLS Humanities E-Book Background
HEB’s collection covers all major Humanities areas including: History: African, American, Art & Architecture, Asian, Australasian/Oceanian, Byzantine, Canadian, Caribbean, Comparative/World, Eastern European/Russian, Economic, European, Latin American, Law, Medicine, Methods/Theory, Middle East, Native Peoples of the Americas, Science/Technology. Humanities & Social Sciences: Anthropology, Archaeology, Bibliographic Studies, Film & Media Studies, Folklore, Jewish Studies, Linguistics, Literary Studies, Music/Musicology, Performance Studies, Philosophy, Political Science, Religion, Sociology, Women’s Studies.

4 ACLS Humanities E-Book a

5 ACLS Humanities E-Book Partners
HEB’s partners include: 23 Scholarly Societies in the Humanities (which recommend books in their respective subject areas). Over 100 contributing publishers (which provide HEB with the selected books for digital publication). MPublishing and Digital Library Production Service at the University of Michigan (which provides the technological backend for HEB’s e-books). 670 subscribing libraries and consortia.

6 ACLS Humanities E-Book Participating Learned Societies
African Studies Association American Academy of Religion American Folklore Society American Historical Association American Musicological Association American Society for Environmental History American Society for Legal History American Sociological Association

7 ACLS Humanities E-Book Participating Learned Societies (continued)
Association for Asian Studies The Bibliographical Society of America College Art Association History of Science Society Latin American Studies Association Linguistic Society of America Middle East Studies Association Modern Language Association

8 ACLS Humanities E-Book Participating Learned Societies (continued)
Organization of American Historians Renaissance Society of American Rhetoric Society of America Society for the History of Technology Society of Biblical Literature Society for Cinema and Media Studies Society of Dance History Scholars

9 ACLS Humanities E-Book The Collection
3,300 titles currently online. Hundreds of titles are being added each year. Two different formats: 1) scanned page images 2) books encoded in XML. A total of 89 XML titles are now available online or in development.

10 ACLS Humanities E-Book The Collection
Collection criteria: Quality and usefulness for teaching and research. Works that remain vital to scholars and advanced students. Works that are frequently cited in the literature. Selected based on the quality and longevity of the works. Form part of a scholarly network of titles.

11 ACLS Humanities E-Book The Collection
Quality of selections guaranteed: Books are recommended by individual scholars and committees of participating learned societies. Prize-winning titles are included (America and National Book Awards, Jackson-Turner, Atlantic, Toynbee, Haskins, Bancroft, Pulitzer, Marraro, Parkman, Beveridge, Curti, Breasted, Fairbank, Del Rey, Gershoy, Hourani, Dexter, Hacker, Baxter Adams, Beer, Birdsall, Corey, etc.)

12 ACLS Humanities E-Book The Collection
The collection includes titles from fields across the Humanities. Both in- and out-of-print titles are available. Publication dates range from 1820s to 2011. HEB allows libraries to easily add 3,300 titles to their collection at once (as well as several hundred additional titles per year). For users who also want a physical copy, over 400 HEB titles are now available in various Print-on-Demand formats. HEB is also in the process of converting several hundred titles from the collection for use with handheld devices.

13 ACLS Humanities E-Book Fields in Humanities

14 ACLS Humanities E-Book Special HEB Series
As part of its role as a portal to the best digital scholarship in the humanities, HEB also makes available several important online series in cooperation with publishers and learned societies. These can be searched either as distinct series on our search page or by individual title within the HEB collection. HEB currently offers the following series: AHA’s Guide to Historical Literature ASA’s Rose Series in Sociology Cambridge University Press (multiple series) Catalogus Translationum et Commentariorum Collected Writings of Walt Whitman College Art Association Monographs English Institute Publications Fordham University Press: American Philosophy Fordham University Press: Perspectives in Continental Philosophy Gutenberg-e John Harvard Library Records of Civilization Society of Biblical Literature: Writings from the Ancient World Society of Biblical Literature: Writings from the Greco-Roman World Transformation of the Classical Heritage Works of Henry Steele Commager

15 ACLS Humanities E-Book Features and Functionality
The entire library is fully searchable. Simple, Boolean, Proximity, Bibliographic, Series Searches Browse by Title, Author, Library of Congress Subject Area. Titles are linked to their reviews in JSTOR, Project MUSE, and elsewhere online. XML titles are linked to related titles within the collection, external archives, websites, and other resources. Free downloadable MARC records to entire collection. Free downloadable user stats. Scholarly Fair Use rights & restrictions apply to printing and downloading.

16 ACLS Humanities E-Book Page-image Format E-Books
Page-image format e-books to be added to the collection are scanned off site by the University of Michigan’s MPublishing Division. Cradle scanning is performed on rare books, we also convert PDFs provided by the publishers. Page-image titles are presented using tiff-to-gif technology, viewable with standard web browsers online. Underlying the page images is the OCR text (99.99% accurate), which is used for searching. In response to user feedback, HEB recently began offering new viewing options: 1) page image (the default option), 2) OCR text, which shows highlighted search terms and allows for access by screen readers for the visually impaired, and 3) PDF, to facilitate printing (3 pages at a time allowed).

17 ACLS Humanities E-Book XML Format E-Books
Most XML books in the HEB collection are derived from a preexisting print version. Select other titles in the collection are “born digital” and do not have a print counterpart. In contrast to page-image books that are image-based, XML books are text-based. The books are encoded in XML, but are dynamically transformed into HTML for standard web-browser viewing when accessed online. The DTD used for XML conversion is specific to HEB, but based on TEI Lite, a simplified version of the Text Encoding Initiative guidelines. The XML format allows for features such as image enlargement, internal and external links, and for the inclusion of additional materials such as interactive maps, audio and video files, databases and archival materials. Titles are numbered by paragraph for ease of scholarly citation; those books with print counterparts also include print page numbers for reference.

18 ACLS Humanities E-Book White Papers
HEB has produced three White Papers to date studying various aspects of the digital humanities and e-book development. The full text of each White Paper is available on HEB’s website via the links below. HEB White Paper No. 1: Report on Technology Development and Production Workflow for XML Encoded E-Books [for the ACLS History E-Book Project] HEB White Paper No. 2: ACLS Humanities E-Book XML Conversion Experiment: Report on Workflow, Costs, and User Preferences HEB White Paper No. 3: Handheld E-Book Readers and Scholarship: Report and Reader Survey

19 ACLS Humanities E-Book Access
Subscriptions provide both on-site and proxy access. Subscriptions provide simultaneous, unlimited access to multiple users. An HEB subscription enables instructors to assign e-books for courses on e-reserve, rather than requiring students to purchase print books.

20 ACLS Humanities E-Book Subscriptions
Over 670 libraries and consortia subscribe to HEB including: Research Universities: Georgetown, Harvard, Princeton, Yale, etc. State Systems: California State University, Kansas Regents, Ohiolink, the University of Texas Public Libraries: NYPL Research Libraries Smaller Libraries: Bryn Mawr, Mt. St. Mary’s, Lyon College, York College, Folger Shakespeare; numerous secondary-school libraries Non-U.S. Libraries: American University in Cairo, Central European in Budapest, Soka University (Tokyo), University of Singapore, JISC Consortium (UK), etc. Consortia: ACA, Cal State, CIC, Danish Research, JISC, NAAL, NELINET, NERL, OCLC, PALINET, WALDO, etc. Annual subscription is priced on a sliding-scale based on size of institution (FTE / Carnegie ratings) or population. Prices range from $490 (small college, etc.) to $3,425 (large research university, etc.). Discounts are available for consortia. Individual subscriptions are available through ACLS’s constituent learned societies ($35/year).

21 ACLS Humanities E-Book Home

22 ACLS Humanities E-Book About

23 ACLS Humanities E-Book Browse

24 ACLS Humanities E-Book Basic Search

25 ACLS Humanities E-Book Search Results
simple search for “abraham lincoln” Sort by author

26 ACLS Humanities E-Book Search Results Detail

27 ACLS Humanities E-Book Title Record Page

28 ACLS Humanities E-Book Link to Publisher

29 ACLS Humanities E-Book Link to Online Reviews

30 ACLS Humanities E-Book Link to JSTOR

31 ACLS Humanities E-Book Interactive Table of Contents

32 ACLS Humanities E-Book Book Page Display

33 ACLS Humanities E-Book Enlarged Page Image

34 ACLS Humanities E-Book By Page Navigation

35 ACLS Humanities E-Book XML Page Image

36 ACLS Humanities E-Book High-Resolution Image Viewer

37 ACLS Humanities E-Book Related Historiography

38 ACLS Humanities E-Book Search Results: XML Title

39 ACLS Humanities E-Book XML Title: Notes
Click on note [6]

40 ACLS Humanities E-Book XML Title: Image Library

41 ACLS Humanities E-Book XML Title: Detail of MS Source

42 ACLS Humanities E-Book XML Title: Interactive Map

43 ACLS Humanities E-Book XML Title: Sound

44 ACLS Humanities E-Book XML Title: Video

45 ACLS Humanities E-Book XML Title: On-Line Database

46 ACLS Humanities E-Book XML Title: 3D Virtual Reality

47 ACLS Humanities E-Book Print-on-Demand (POD)

48 ACLS Humanities E-Book Print-on-Demand (POD)
Over 400 titles are currently available for print-on-demand across all fields and publication dates, including both in- and out-of-copyright. POD is available through MPublishing at the University of Michigan and Lightning Source, and via BookSurge (CreateSpace), a subsidiary of Amazon. Soft- and hardcover are available. Now available in the UK and EU through,,

49 ACLS Humanities E-Book Collection Contact Information General Inquiries: TEL: FAX: Subscriptions: Website: HEB News Blog:

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