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What’s Shakin’ in Higher Education?. 3 Million Open Jobs 6.7 Million Opportunity Youth.

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1 What’s Shakin’ in Higher Education?

2 3 Million Open Jobs 6.7 Million Opportunity Youth

3 How did we get here?

4 Relevance & Rigor


6 Professional Training Corps + Community Colleges Higher Completion Rate =


8 What’s Shakin’ in Higher Education?

9 The Barrier Poverty The Question How do we help people have family sustaining resources?

10 Estimated Life-time Earnings Differentials Help Wanted: Projections of Jobs and Education Requirements Through 2018, Anthony Carnevale, Nicole Smith, and Jeff Strohl, Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce

11 So why is Goodwill here?

12 Leverage Goodwill to strengthen individuals, families, communities and the economy.

13 Our Reach 2,700+ Goodwill stores nationwide 105,000 team members 165 member organizations

14 14 Goodwill Stores Donated Goods Services to Meet Local Needs Career development Job placement Financial coaching and education Training and education All directed by the autonomous local Board of Directors Revenue Creates Jobs Diverts Goods from Landfills The Goodwill social enterprise creates jobs, helps sustain the environment, and generates more revenue for services to meet local needs. How the Goodwill ® Model Works A self-sustaining social enterprise

15 Goodwill Serves 4,200,000 people People with disabilities Youth Women Veterans and military families Older workers Immigrants People re-entering the workforce Other underserved communities

16 Goodwill Provides 107,000,000 services annually Paid transitional and community service jobs Financial coaching and access to free tax preparation Career development and youth mentoring Volunteer engagement and service

17 Goodwill Impact 189,000 people placed into jobs last year

18 The Opportunity: Community College/Career Collaboration

19 19 C 4 : The Vision Intentional and Sustainable Engagement of Community Colleges and Goodwills to Build Stronger Economies and Communities

20 20 Together We Create Success Through C 4, we are increasing college and career success for low-income adults by: documenting, promoting, and replicating high impact partnership models throughout the Goodwill and community college networks.

21 21 Our Target – for now 18,000 adults achieving degrees or certificates through C 4 partnerships by 2015 How are we doing? 5,647 adults received credentials through C 4 by the end of 2011- 12 academic year

22 Let’s build stronger communities together!

23 What’s Shakin’ in Higher Education?

24 Introducing the 10K BA for 2013 Dr. Linda Howdyshell College Provost and Senior Vice President for Academics and Student Success

25 The Issue Increasing tuition and fees No longer job guarantee Student debt outpacing credit-card debt

26 The Challenge Florida Gov. Scott challenges state colleges to create bachelor’s degree programs that cost no more than $10,000.

27 Critics claim a BA 10K model, by definition, has reduced quality Lower faculty costs Online classes Reduced instructional time Academic support services eliminated

28 The critics are wrong

29 All 28 Florida colleges respond. Broward College announces the BC 10K Model for 2013

30 Broward College 11 locations in Broward County, Florida Opened in 1960 67,000 students $1 billion annual economic impact 113,000+ alumni International programs, locations and partnerships

31 This new model — the BC 10K — will roll out to dealers this fall and feature many standard features found on higher priced models: Dual enrollment Fourth year scholarship $2,500 each year with scholarships Take 15 credits, pay for 12 Prior learning credit Targeted HS/HW Cohort based

32 This new model will require the leasee to agree to the following terms: maintain fulltime enrollment maintain continuous enrollment cover cost for repeated or non-program classes use financial aid first demonstrate Florida residency enter program with 3.0 GPA

33 If terms and conditions are met, the student (leasee) will pay no more than $2,500 a year for each of the four years leading to a bachelor's degree. However, at the end of this four-year lease program, there is no buyout necessary and the student owns the degree outright.

34 10K Model It provides owners (graduates) with degrees that match up with the driving experience (job opportunities) of today.

35 Does cost dictate educational quality? The answer is “No”.

36 What’s Shakin’ in Higher Education?

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