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New Children Money Back

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1 New Children Money Back
(T -832) With Profit Plan

2 New Children Money Back
(T -832) BENEFITS : 1. Installment Benefit:- After completion of Age : % of S.A. " % of S.A. " % of S.A. Maturity Benefit:- This Policy Matures at the Age 25 40% of S.A. + Bonus + F.A.B.

3 New Children Money Back
(T -832) Special Feature Option to defer the Survival Benefit(s): The policyholder will have the option to take the survival benefit (s) at any time on or after its due date. In case of deferment of a due survival benefit(s) opted by the policyholder, the Corporation will pay increased survival benefit (s) equal to Survival Benefits % * Sum Assured * Factor applicable to Survival Benefit (s)

4 New Children Money Back
(T -832) Death Benefit: After Risk Cover: Natural or Accidental Death Full S.A. + Bonus + F.A.B. the actual risk cover only after completing Age of 8 years or after two years from the date of commencement of Policy whichever is later. If death occurs before this period, only the premiums paid excluding taxes, extra premium and rider premium, if any shall be payable as claim.

5 New Children Money Back
(T- 832) Min. & Max. Age at entry :- 0 to 12 lbd. Age at maturity :- 25 years. Policy Term :- (25- age at entry) years. Riders :- PWB available Premium Mode :- Yly, Hly, Qly , SSS and ECS. Min. & Max. Sum assured :- 100,000 & Max. No Limit.

6 New Children Money Back
(T- 832) Mode Rebate :- Yly: 2% of TP,Hly: 1% of TP. Date Backing :- Lean month benefit allowed. Surrender & loan :- Allowed. High Sum Assured Rebate :- Basic S A Rebate (Rs.) 1,00,000 to 1,90, Nil 2,00,000 to 4,90, 5,00,000 and above Proposal Form :- 340 or 360 and 300 (in case of PWB).

7 New Children Money Back
(T -832) Commission Policy Term st Year 2nd & 3rd Year Subsequent Years 13 and 14 years 20% % % 15 and Above 25% % % Bonus Commission: 40% of 1st year commission

8 New Children Money Back
(T -832) Thank You

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