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FINANCING DEVELOPMENT Ideas to stay ahead of the game October 1 st, Iqaluit, Nunavut.

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1 FINANCING DEVELOPMENT Ideas to stay ahead of the game October 1 st, Iqaluit, Nunavut

2 2Financing development We share the entrepreneurial spirit that drives Canadian businesses >2,000 dedicated and experienced employees help 28,000 entrepreneur clients reach their full potential >More than 100 Business Centres provide our clients with solutions that meet local economic realities >$17 billion in assets

3 3Financing development A trusted lender, investor, advisor and partner >Financing >Subordinate Financing >Venture Capital >Consulting Why choose BDC −We support Canada’s entrepreneurs −We tailor our support to meet their evolving needs −Our approach goes beyond money

4 4Financing development Financing: When to call BDC >Working capital financing >Equipment purchase financing >Real estate financing (land and building) >Market expansion >Corporate financing >Business transition and restructuring >Information and Communications Technology (ICT)

5 5Financing development Consulting: When to call BDC >Operational efficiency >Sales and marketing >Business planning >HR management >Global expansion >Information & communications technology (ICT)

6 Aboriginal Banking

7 7Financing development BDC Aboriginal Banking ˃ Help Aboriginal businesses succeed Why we are different −Flexible solutions, specially designed for Aboriginal entrepreneurs −Optimize the use of your business assets −Peace of mind −A “beyond the numbers” approach

8 Sean McCormick

9 9Financing development Tourism Construction Infrastructure Resource Development Retail / Wholesale business Family & educational entertainment Leading Aboriginal Markets for BDC Who are our clients Art and handicrafts Accommodation

10 10Financing development Growth Capital for Aboriginal Businesses >Up to $25,000 for start-ups >Up to $100,000 for existing businesses >Access to other BDC loans to meet financing requirements >No fees >Competitive interest rates >Loans for businesses on or off reserve

11 11Financing development Financing equipment purchase and working capital BDC financing compliments other loans Client requirementsAmountFinancingAmount Equipment purchase$185,000Aboriginal Business Canada$82,000 Working capital$58,000 Canadian Youth Business Foundation $11,000 BDC Financing: Aboriginals$25,000 BDC Financing: Equipment$75,000 Shareholder investment $50,000 Total$243,000Total $243,000

12 12Financing development Financing a commercial project on a reserve Benefits: The Band obtained a guarantee of long-term revenue for community development through rental/tax revenue (99-year lease) on reserve lands. BDC provided financing for a commercial project involving leases signed with major lessors Client requirementAmountFinancingAmount Supplier of premises on the reserve $ 29,000,000BDC Corporate Finance$ 14,500,000 Pari-passu institution$ 14,500,000 Total$ 29,000,000Total$ 29,000,000

13 13Financing development Supporting entrepreneurship awareness E-Spirit—Aboriginal youth business plan competition −5,900 students have participated since 2000 −Former competitors have gone on to operate their own businesses based on their E-Spirit plans Publications −In Busines$ newsletter—Aboriginal edition −SOAR—focused on Aboriginal youth and business Jobs for Aboriginal students −Summer student internship program for college- and university- level students

14 1 888 INFO Patrick Lamarre Manager, Aboriginal Business Services—Quebec, Atlantic and Nunavut Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC) 514 697-5659 Thank you!

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