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WEConnect International India Initiative NASSCOM Summit on Diversity & Inclusion 22 November 2010.

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1 WEConnect International India Initiative NASSCOM Summit on Diversity & Inclusion 22 November 2010

2 NASSCOM SummitPage 2 Contents 1.Diversity & inclusiveness 2.Ernst & Young Entrepreneurial Winning Women initiative 3.WEConnect International 4.Certification Standards 5.Evaluation for WEConnect International certification 6.Application & checklist for certification

3 NASSCOM SummitPage 3 ► Diversity means representation from varied group/ people including: ► Women ► Minorities (ethnic groups) ► Differently able ► Inclusion is a sense of belonging: feeling respected, valued for who you are ► Diversity & inclusion drive creativity & innovation and effectively managing diversity and creating an inclusive work environment results in high- performing teams and – ultimately – a competitive advantage. ► Organizations that are successful in leveraging the diversity of their people are better able to adapt to changes in the external environment. Diversity & Inclusivity

4 NASSCOM SummitPage 4 The case for focusing on women enterprises EY response ►Ernst & Young launched ‘Ernst & Young Entrepreneurial Winning Women Programme’ in 2008. ►To recognize and celebrate leading women entrepreneurs 1 and use our convening power to provide them with access to relevant content, networks and mentoring to help them grow their businesses. ►It is a competitive award designed to connect a select group of women entrepreneurs with the people, resources and insights they need to become marketers. Context ►Women entrepreneurs make a significant and distinct contribution to the global economy. ►Women launch 55% of all new firm start ups in the US, but own only one in five firms with revenues of more than $1 million. ►Ernst & Young believes the positive impact of women entrepreneurs as growth catalysts should be supported, nurtured, and celebrated. Ernst & Young: identifying and recognizing a select group of women entrepreneurs, and connecting them with the people, resources and insights they need to become market leaders. 1 Ernst & Young focuses on high-impact, high-growth women entrepreneurs—those whose businesses generate jobs, stimulate economies and spur the kind of innovation that can transform industries and strengthen communities,

5 NASSCOM SummitPage 5 ► Identification of the “right” entrepreneurs ► Recognition as part of existing EOY event (to honor their achievement) ► Invitations as speakers or panel members at EY entrepreneurship events ► Additional benefits (see next slide) ► Offer of one-to-one mentoring relationship with an experienced entrepreneur (and introductions to facilitate more spontaneous mentoring relationships) ► Face-to-face and virtual mentoring ► Time limited commitment ► Training on successful mentoring ► Measurement of satisfaction Celebration (“seal of approval”) Access (“leaders meeting leaders”) Mentoring ► Formal assignment to SGM relationship partner (access to EY & external resources) ► Introductions to EOY community (judges, winners, finalists) and relevant business organizations ► Participation in local and global networks of entrepreneurs ► Additional benefits 1 The global Winning Women program is based on the successful Winning Women program in the US, now in its third year. As in the US, the program will be owned & led by SGM, with support from Supplier Diversity and Corporate Responsibility. FY10 launch countries include India, South Africa, Turkey and possibly UK (all participating in the new EMEIA EOY event) as well as Brazil and possibly China (both considering launching their own EOY extended events). Our flagship global program: Winning Women 1 The Ernst & Young Entrepreneurial Winning Women initiative is part of the firm’s award-winning commitment to diversity and inclusiveness

6 NASSCOM SummitPage 6 Supporting women entrepreneurs with thought leadership and collaborations Key collaborations ► Aspen Network of Development Entrepreneurs (ANDE): EY is a founding corporate member of this network of funders and NGOs committed to unleashing the potential of small and growing businesses in emerging markets. ► Pathways to Prosperity: EY is collaborating with the US State Department on a multi-stakeholder initiative to identify and nurture women entrepreneurs globally. ► Private Sector Leaders Forum (PSLF): EY is a member of the World Bank’s PSLF, focused on women’s economic empowerment. ► Vital Voices: EY is on the board of this NGO that identifies, trains and empowers emerging women leaders around the world. ► Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC): EY is on the board of the US’ largest advocate for women-owned businesses as corporate suppliers. ► WEConnect: EY plays a leadership role in this global supplier diversity initiative spearheading connections between women-owned businesses and multinational corporations. ► World Economic Forum (WEF): EY is a member of the WEF Gender Parity Group—and in 2010, EY will host an event at Davos honoring PSLF and Bob Zoellick for their gender-focused work.

7 NASSCOM SummitPage 7 Opportunities for the Entrepreneurial Winning Women to: ►Strengthen executive leadership/ business skills by meeting with senior advisors and entrepreneurs who can serve as role models, coaches and mentors ►Expand knowledge with latest information, research and executive dialogues on leading business strategies ►Identify prospective sources for private capital, as well as potential partners, strategic alliances, customers and suppliers ►Access informal, one-to-one guidance and support ►Increase national / regional visibility for their companies among corporate executives, investors and the media. Opportunities… Opportunities for EY to: Generate new business opportunities ►Gain exposure to high-potential women entrepreneurs – linking and extending our networks of entrepreneurs, ►Do a better job of leveraging existing EY network of women entrepreneurs Strengthen our brand and reputation ►Strengthen EY reputation and help position EY as a globally-recognized champion of women entrepreneurs ►Opportunity to “own” an empty space (high-potential, high-growth women entrepreneurs) ►Key global relationships, including NGOs and public policy officials

8 NASSCOM SummitPage 8 ► Certification: confirmation that a business is at least 51% owned, managed and controlled by one or more women ► Ownership: at least 51% ownership of the company is held by one or more women ► Management: the company is lead / managed by a Principal Executive Officer who is a woman ► Control: the key business decisions regarding the company’s finances, operations, personnel and strategy are made by a woman WEConnect International Certification Standards



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