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Troop Meeting ( 團集會 ) April 4th, 2015 Wesley Y Chen T468.

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1 Troop Meeting ( 團集會 ) April 4th, 2015 Wesley Y Chen T468

2 Terms ( 簡稱 ) TM SPL ASPL PL PLC SM ASM = Troop Meeting = Senior Patrol Leader 聯隊長 = Assistant Senior Patrol Leader = Patrol Leader 小隊長 = Patrol Leader Council 小隊長會議 = Scoutmaster 團長 = Assistant Scoutmaster

3 Troop Meeting (TM) Fast paced, interesting, varied Lead toward exciting outdoor activities Be the glue that holds the troop together Planned, organized, executed by the BOYS! Coached and supported by Scoutmaster

4 Objectives 目標 Motivating boys Strengthening Patrols Promoting Patrol spirit Encouraging Scout to learn Practicing Scout skills Allowing Scouts to exercise leadership

5 Before the Meeting Video/Chapter 1 (2:46) Video/Chapter 1 Discussion

6 7 Steps in TM Plan 會議安排 7 步驟 1.Preopening 2.Opening 3.Skills instruction 4.Patrol meetings 5.Interpatrol activity 6.Closing 7.After the meeting


8 1.Pre-Opening Enjoyable, Timely, Game or project Often well-suited for the outdoors Start at least 15 mins before Variety May have an ASM involved

9 2. Opening- 5 min Called to order by Senior Patrol Leader Scouts lined up by patrols A patrol assigned for opening: - Flag ceremony assigned to a patrol - Lead troop members to recite the Scout Oath and Law

10 2. Opening Ceremony Caller of the color guard; – “Troop Attention” – “Color guards advance” – “Color guards prepare to post the colors” – “Color guards post the colors” (raise the flag) – “Scout Salute” – “Pledge of Allegiance” – “Color guards dismissed” – “Troop at ease”

11 Variation of Opening Singing a patriotic song Presenting an historic American flag and Explanation of its history

12 Quiz: Flag Which US flag is the one raised on Mount Suribachi during the Battle of Iwo Jima in World War II, on February 23, 1945 ?Mount SuribachiBattle of Iwo JimaWorld War II

13 A: The 48-star Bring up something for them to think of

14 3. Skills Instructions- (15-20 min) Be hands-on learning, not lecturing Focus on skills for an upcoming activity or advancement Offer different Levels (Basic, More advanced, Challenging) Led by well-prepared Troop Instructors Can involve adult leaders or outside authorities

15 4. Patrol Meeting/Corner- (5 -20 min) Separate Patrols Patrol Leader in charge of his Patrol’s meeting Length depends on how much business – Taking attendance – Collecting dues – Planning the patrol’s involvement in upcoming activities – Selecting menus for hikes and campouts – Assigning patrol members to specific tasks – Working out any other details for the smooth operation of the patrol.

16 5. Interpatrol Activity- (15-20 min) Allows all the patrols to interact in competitive and cooperative effort

17 6. Closing – 5 mins Any outstanding business Reminder for upcoming meetings, outings, etc. Congratulate any Scouts who have advanced since the last meeting Praise Scouts for Good Turns, positive ethical decision, or job well done. May also include simple ceremony, a song, or a prayer

18 6.Closing (cont’d) Scoutmaster’s Minute- – The heart of the closing – SM to share a story based on Scouting’s values Personal experiences, if you can Stories from “Ready References” chapter of the Scoutmaster Handbook

19 After the Meeting Video/Chapter 2 (1:31) Video/Chapter 2 Discussion

20 Teaching the SPL Video/Chapter 3 (1:46) Discussion

21 7. After the Meeting The service patrol for the week to – Put away any Troop equipment – Returns the room to its original condition SPL/ASPL, staffs & PLs should meet with the SM to – Review the meeting – Make plan for the next meeting – Decide which patrol will be the upcoming service patrol

22 Quick Review- 7 steps in TM 1.Preopening 2.Opening 3.Skills instruction 4.Patrol meetings 5.Interpatrol activity 6.Closing 7.After the meeting

23 The SM’s Role in TMs Offering the SPL support and guidance as the meeting begins SM’s Minute at the close of the meeting Meeting with the SPL and members of the PLC to Assess the meeting Review plans for the next meeting of the troop

24 Summary Troop Meeting Plan Step back and allow boy leaders to learn Leadership through hands-on experience Supportive guidance Positive reinforcement see you next meeting !

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