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Mrs. Winkler’s Classroom Rules and Procedures

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1 Mrs. Winkler’s Classroom Rules and Procedures

2 Entering the room Line up on the two lines facing the door.
A teacher or student of the day will count down, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 if needed as a warning to be quiet to enter the room. Lines will be dismissed into the room. Students will take the most direct route to their seat.

3 Morning Routine Place backpack along wall neatly and take out materials needed for class. Be ready at 9:10. Line up Upon entering the room , you will unpack your belongings , move your lunch tag to the lunch count space if buying lunch , place homework on your desk and begin the assignment on the board. If it the first day of the week, copy the assignments in your plan book.

4 Morning Routine (cont)
Any permission slip or other forms will be placed in the file marked “IN” Save conversations and questions for your teacher at a later time. There will be a daily schedule posted informing you of what we will be doing that day.

5 Pledge When the teacher signals, the student of the day will tell the class to stand for the pledge to the flag. All students will stand, push in their chair and recite the pledge when the student of the day signals to start. Students will sit after the pledge and continue working until told to stop.

6 End of day routine All students will clean up the area around their desk. Inspector for the group will check to see that the group is cleaned up Teacher will dismiss students, not the bell. Students will be dismissed by bus riders first, then the remainder. Students will file out of room and walk to bus or cars etc.

7 Leaving the room Bathroom passes may be used only in an emergency. Recess times will be used to go to the bathroom, get drinks, and then play. If you must use the bathroom, you must sign your initials on the board, time leaving and take a pass. This should never be during direct teaching unless it is an emergency.

8 Moving Around the room When no direct teaching is going on, you may move in the room to get a drink, empty your sharpener, get supplies, etc. You must not use this time to talk and this is done without disturbing others. Passing of notes or other distribution is not permitted.

9 Classroom interruptions and when finished routine
Interruptions will happen from time to time. Please be sure to do the following: First, complete any class work needed to be finished. Second, work on any assigned homework. Third, if class work or homework is completed, read silently.

10 Classroom Homework All assignments must be written in neat and legible handwriting, printing, or cursive. All assignments unless told otherwise, must be done on an unfolded, unmessy piece of notebook paper. (Paper that is torn from a spiral notebook must have frayed edges trimmed) Any work not meeting the above requirements will be redone.

11 Homework (cont) Late or incomplete homework will be allowed to be turned in the next day. All homework must be turned in for participation in Fun Friday. All hardbound books must be covered with a book sock or paper bag. Please do not tape paper to the books.

12 Classroom Discussion Due to the shared learning environment, please be considerate of the noise volume. Raise your hand and wait to be called upon. Never interrupt the speaker or be rude. Make sure your comment is appropriate to the matter being discussed. Be relevant. Listen actively . Try very hard to understand what someone else is saying.

13 Classroom discussion (cont)
If you have something to contribute, take notes for yourself so you will remember when it is time for you to talk. When all have spoken, and no one has any further additions to the discussion, summarize to yourself silently what was said so that you can remember important points. The teacher will indicate when you can talk amongst your group. All discussion will be in quiet voices.

14 Talk among students during work periods routine/academic integrity
Whisper voicelessly (6 inch voice) Do not talk during teaching, instructions being given, tests/quizzes, or SSR. (Sustained Silent Reading) There will be a zero tolerance for cheating. Some examples: Talking during tests, sharing answers on individual assignments. Looking at another’s paper, etc.

15 Talk amongst students (cont)
Inappropriate language, discussions, or name-calling will have severe consequences.

16 Assignment Book Routine
All assignments are to be copied down from the assignment board neatly. Parents should check nightly to see that work is done. Homework always includes 120 min. of reading weekly.

17 Visiting Guest’s Procedure
Treat all guests with kindness and courtesy Student of the day will greet guest and show them where to sit. Student of the day will tell the guest the lesson we are working on and provide a copy of work if available. If the guest is a student, the Student of the day will show them where to sit and see if they need any supplies.

18 Rainy Day Routine Students will come into the room quietly.
They can work on homework, classwork, extra credit work or read silently. If all work is done students may use games. All games must be cleaned up by the time the bell rings.

19 Drills / Alarms Fire Drills
When an alarm signal sounds, we will treat it as if it were not a drill. The classroom is evacuated calmly, walking out to the designated space. Students will follow the prescribed route out to the playground.

20 Drills / Alarms (cont) In a lock down drill all students will come quickly to the classroom if possible. If away from our classroom the student should go to the closest classroom. The teacher will take roll and let the office know if any students not in their class are in the room. Students should get under the desks and remain quiet until told otherwise. It is extremely important to take these drills seriously.

21 Road For Success Come to school prepared.
Follow directions the first time they are given. Be on task and ready to learn. Be organized. Show courtesy. Respect everyone and everything.

22 I suggest having a designated homework area free of distractions
I suggest having a designated homework area free of distractions. Set a timer for one hour. If finished before the hour, he or she can study for an upcoming test. This is to encourage the student to do his or her best without rushing and maintaining organization.

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