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2 CRICOS Provider Number 00103D 7/05/20152 Statistics Fifteen percent of young people aged 15-19 years in Australia are classified as disengaged from education and training. For those aged 20-24 years, 25.3 percent are ‘at risk’ At the national level, the teenage fertility rate in 2009 was 17 babies per 1,000 for women aged 15-19 years in 2009 (ABS, 2009). This is around 11-12,000 babies born to teenage mothers every year.

3 CRICOS Provider Number 00103D Barriers Young people can face a myriad of barriers that can impact their ability to connect to school: Literacy and numeracy issues External issues Bullying Mental illness Teenage mothers often face barriers such as: Access to acceptable, affordable childcare transport problems financial pressures appropriate and safe housing relationship issues low self-esteem; and bullying or feeling isolated at school (Bradbury, 2011). 7/05/20153

4 CRICOS Provider Number 00103D Background School VET pathways programs ACE/VET pathways Community VCAL VET in Schools programs General Education programs School based apprenticeship programs 7/05/20154

5 CRICOS Provider Number 00103D Out of school programs in Ballarat and region Stepping Stones Youth pathways programs Community VCAL Neighbourhood Houses (ACE) Out of School LinkUp Young mum’s program Young fathers program Etc etc 7/05/20155

6 CRICOS Provider Number 00103D Practical outcomes Life skills Cooking Baby care Financial management Counselling Health 7/05/20156

7 CRICOS Provider Number 00103D Skills Based Outcomes Back to school Pathway to TAFE or ACE programs Apprenticeships Jobs 7/05/20157

8 CRICOS Provider Number 00103D The Project Case study using narrative analysis and involving interviewing 5 young mothers between the ages of 16 and 21 years enrolled in an alternative ‘young mums’ program. In addition 5 adult educators involved in teaching in the ‘young mums’ were also interviewed. 10 young males in youth transitions 9 participants from Neighbourhood house program 10 participants from out of school program Teachers The findings from this project inform/add to a larger ARC funded project looking at disengaged youth in regional Victoria 7/05/20158

9 CRICOS Provider Number 00103D The projects aims Understand the teaching and learning practices within the VET/ACE context Pedagogical culture Look at how VET/ACE education strategies work to engage disengaged school aged young people Find out why these students connect with these programs and the teaching and learning styles but are disengaged from mainstream schooling. What are the benefits to these students Education Outcomes Other Outcomes Can the mainstream school system learn something 7/05/20159

10 CRICOS Provider Number 00103D Findings The Mothers The data showed a pedagogical culture that involved connecting students local community knowledge, interests and youth culture to their learning. ‘I like it here because its close to home, people know me here’ Mothers spoke of feeling comfortable in the program Feeling respected Feeling connected ‘I feel more comfortable here. The teachers aren't like teachers their kind of our friends. I can talk to them you know. We respect each other.’ 7/05/201510

11 CRICOS Provider Number 00103D Learning about their babies needs ‘I have learnt about how to cook for my baby and take care of her better.’ Mothers felt the program integrated literacy and numeracy with real life situations ‘ we get money to buy our food for the day’ Mothers spoke of the learning space (neighbourhood house) as important to their feelings of being connected and welcomed ‘I love this house it really like home..nothing like going to school. I used to be bullied at school.’ 7/05/201511

12 CRICOS Provider Number 00103D The Teachers Teachers spoke of the importance of flexibility in their teaching approaches ‘We use individual working plans for each of the girls which helps us build on their individual needs.’ Teachers spoke about the importance of taking time with students individually ‘There is a lot of one on one time with these students. It’s very intensive and important to build trust.’ Self esteem Building ‘A great deal of our initial work with these girls is building their self esteem.’ Building trust and respect 7/05/201512

13 CRICOS Provider Number 00103D The learning spaces were seen as important to the success of the program ‘Our teaching and engagement strategy is linked to this house. We work very hard to make a comfortable environment so the girls feel safe with their babies.’ The program was able to integrate teaching and learning with practical knowledge ‘We integrate the curriculum with practical stuff like cooking and shopping.’ 7/05/201513

14 CRICOS Provider Number 00103D Out of school programs students Respect was a commonly used word when describing their experiences The teachers here respect us…its not like school I feel respected here ‘____’ treats us like we’re equal, she doesn’t look down at us. Hands on activities was also important for the students We make stuff here Its like coming to work, I'm learning all about motors This will help me get a job 7/05/201514

15 CRICOS Provider Number 00103D The learning space This doesn’t feel like school It feels comfortable here I’m safer and don’t feel scared to come There’s no bullying 7/05/201515

16 CRICOS Provider Number 00103D The Teachers One-on-one teaching strategies Flexible approaches Activities linked to life and work skills ‘make it interesting’ ‘making it relevant for the kids’ Finding a hook 7/05/201516

17 CRICOS Provider Number 00103D The key messages A pedagogy that mixes welfare and education approaches Health professionals Welfare workers Secondary teachers TAFE teachers 7/05/201517

18 CRICOS Provider Number 00103D Personal approaches One on one Allowing ‘Timeout’ for students to care for babies/to cool off Trust Providing a learning space that caters for the special needs Comfortable space Neighbourhood house Workshop Mutual respect 7/05/201518

19 CRICOS Provider Number 00103D Ownership of learning Hands on vocational training opportunities Access to TAFE courses Access to ACE courses Local industry 7/05/201519

20 CRICOS Provider Number 00103D The debutant Hook Debutant Canoeing music 7/05/201520

21 CRICOS Provider Number 00103D Contact details 03 53279764 7/05/201521


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