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Health Risks of Tobacco Use.

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1 Health Risks of Tobacco Use.
Chapter 20 Lesson 1

2 Real Life 26% of teens have reported current tobacco use – cigarettes, cigars, and smokeless tobacco. Over 6.4 million children alive today will die of a smoking related disease.

3 Nicotine (Vocab) The addictive drug found in tobacco leaves.

4 Addictive Drug (Vocab)
A substance that causes physiological or psychological dependence.

5 Stimulant (Vocab) A drug that increases the actions of the central nervous system, the heart, and other organs.

6 Poisonous Substances in Tobacco Smoke
Carcinogens Tar Carbon Monoxide

7 Carcinogen (Vocab) A cancer causing substance.

8 Tar (Vocab) A thick, sticky, dark fluid produced when tobacco burns.

9 Carbon Monoxide (Vocab)
A colorless, odorless, and poisonous gas.

10 No Tobacco Product is Safe
Cigars contain significantly more nicotine and produce more tar and carbon monoxide than cigarettes. 1 cigar can contain as much nicotine as a pack of cigarettes(20).

11 Smokeless Tobacco (Vocab)
Tobacco that is sniffed through the nose, held in the mouth, or chewed.

12 Leukoplakia (Vocab) Thickened, white, leathery-looking spots on the inside of the mouth that can develop into oral cancer.

13 Short Term Effects of Tobacco Use
Brain chemistry changes Respiration and heart rate increase Taste buds are dulled and appetite is reduced Users have bad breath, yellowed teeth, and smelly hair, skin, and clothes.

14 Long Term Effects of Tobacco Use
Chronic Bronchitis Emphysema Lung Cancer Coronary Heart Disease and Stroke Weakened Immune System

15 Cost to Society Tobacco related illnesses cost the United States about $167 billion each year. Productivity suffers when smokers call in sick due to tobacco related illnesses.

16 Cost Individuals How much does a 2 pack a day smoker spend a year on cigarettes if a pack of cigarettes costs $6.00? Answer: $4,380 a year. Think of what you could spend that money on!

17 Best Anti-Smoking Ad Ever

18 Review What is an addictive drug? What is the addictive drug in tobacco? List three types of toxic substances found in cigarette smoke? Explain 4 ways using tobacco affects your body?

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