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Inspiring Innovation. Learn more at UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN-STOUT New Department Chair’s Meeting August 29, 2014 - 2:00 to 2:30 Doug.

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1 Inspiring Innovation. Learn more at UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN-STOUT New Department Chair’s Meeting August 29, 2014 - 2:00 to 2:30 Doug Stevens University of Wisconsin-Stout UW-Stout Online

2 AGENDA 1.What is Stout Online 2.What is Customized Instruction 3.Working With Stout Online 4.Adjunct Instructor Pool 5.What is Credit Outreach

3 Central Unit Overarching Goals Mission Stout Online is a leader in advancing innovative, high quality services and learning experiences that engage, inspire and challenge. To have a positive effect on distance education students total experience at UW-Stout. Success Creation vs Failure Prevention Established July 2010.

4 Central Unit Overarching Goal Stout Online is committed to student success. We make education more attainable by coordinating innovative programs and high quality services that lead to easy online access for programs offered at a distance, reaching populations on a global level. The unit advocates for student learning success by decreasing barriers and increasing learning support services.

5 Online & Distance Education  Online Since 1998  Differential Tuition  Campus Wide  Program Specific  UW-Stout has two differential tuition approvals: Access to Learning Fee and Customized Instruction. Both differential tuition programs were initially approved by the regents in 1999 and reapproved February 2010.  Market Based Tuition  Residency Requirement Waived  Terms – CI / DE

6 Structure Prior to Reorganization Each college did their own thing Program Courses Cross Departments Requests for courses and instructors came from each program director Hired Support Staff in each college Different Business Models Unnecessary duplication of services, i.e. Student Support Specialists, Increased operational costs No centralization of data Communication pitfalls

7 Charge from the Chancellor  Dec 2008 three committees were established to review and recommend change to UW-Stout’s customized Instruction program in the areas of CI fee structure, Stout Online and CI business technology fee.  January 2010 – Outreach Services reorganized. Credit Outreach function pulled out to join with CI program support.  July 2010 – UW-Stout Online formed

8 Charge from the Chancellor  Cross-campus committee formed to address the goals of the Chancellor: “…to provide consistent, effective and time sensitive services to customized customers/students.” Recommendations:  “a coordinator of customized instruction, and a unit housing support staff take on the responsibility of centrally coordinating customized instruction programs, be established…”  “that the Customized Instruction Coordinator/Unit (CI Coordinator) be integrated into the current administrative structure of Academic and Student Affairs …..”

9 Additional recommendations included: 1.the development of a Customized Instruction Issues Advisory Committee, 2.structuring the CI Coordinator role to serve as a liaison with Deans, Department Chairs, and Program Directors, 3.continuation of a college-level organization that will leverage program content knowledge for marketing, student advisement, and other program logistics, 4.fully integrating the marketing of customized instruction programs with the campus marketing plan, and 5.building a student “orientation” system to help students within customized instruction programs receive timely answers to questions and solutions for problems.



12 Stout Online works with Online & Distance Education Programs 14 Undergraduate 15 Graduate 14 Certificates 8 Certifications Online General Education Course Program – 30-35 Courses Per Semester Online Professional Development for Educators – 30 to 40 Courses per semester 4 New Programs in the works

13 Stout Online Spring 2014 Semester CI Students: 807 Undergraduate Students 796 Graduate Students 18.6% of total UW-Stout enrollment 69% of UW-Stout graduate enrollment 421 Sections Average age 37.2 113 Veterans 35% received Financial Aid Additional 207 CE Registrations

14 Online Students at Stout Headcount of Students Who Took an Online Class* * Note: same student could be counted in multiple semesters. YearSummerFallWinTermSpring 2013-142,8443,3811,2294,062 2012-132,9273,3241,3973,480 2011-122,9403,2271,4813,506 2010-112,7752,7561,1473,301 2009-10--1,0943,018

15 UW-System 2011-2012 Distance Education Course Enrollments Source: UW System Accountability Report

16 UW-System 2012-2013 Distance Education Course Offerings Source: UW System Accountability Report

17 UW-Stout Online Number of Registrations (CI & CE)

18 UW-Stout Online Number of Sections Supported

19 UW-Stout Online Customized Instruction FTE

20 Development and Growth Number of Customized Instruction Programs

21 Growth of Customized Instruction Revenue

22 CI Advisory Committee BS Program Director MS Program Director Associate Vice Chancellor Dean Associate Dean Student Service Representative Student Business Services Representative Enrollment Services Representative Learning and Information Technology Services Representative Student Representative Department Chair Representative At–Large Member

23 Funding for Stout Online operations is provided through various channels. 1.A percentage of Customized Instruction (CI) revenue is earmarked for supporting CI students and programs. (10% set aside – used 8% in 2012 & 7% in 2013, and 8% in 2014) 2.The CI Online General Education program provides revenue directly to Stout Online for program and staff support. 3.The Credit Outreach function also provides direct revenue to support credit outreach operations within Stout Online.

24 Revenue Sharing with UW-Stout campus. 1.The CI Online General Education program provides revenue directly to the colleges for program and staff support. ($220,249). 2.The CI Online General Education program provides revenue to the campus for professional development, DE infrastructure, and staff support. ($249,579) 3.The Credit Outreach function also shares revenue to support UW-Stout. ($34,670)

25 Staffing Director Program Managers Student Services Specialist Registration Support Budget Manager Course Management Instructor Support Office Support Transfer Coordinator Instructional Designer

26 Adjunct Instructor Pool




30 Initiatives In Progress Instructional Designer for Online Courses Space for all in one unit USDLA Quality Standards Certification Online Tutoring Program Online Chat Online Readiness State Authorizations E-textbooks Admissions/Transfer Support - Permanent Faculty Training Requirement Standard Evaluations

31 Completed Initiatives Benefit All Students Online Student Orientation Online Instructor Orientation General Education Course Offerings Integrated Marketing Adult & Non-Traditional Student Website LEAN Registration Log in process Adjunct Instructor Pool Online Add/Drop DE Scholarship

32 Changes Implemented Benefit All Students Graduation Ceremony Streamed Live Registration Support Admissions/Student Transfer Support People Soft Changes Search from home page Layout of search results DE designation on roster Enrollment numbers visible on report Wait List Faculty and Staff Professional Development

33 Credit Outreach Stout has had a long history of providing credit courses on and off campus for adults unable to reach the campus during the typical teaching day. Courses may be offered in evenings or weekends on campus to meet nontraditional student’s needs. Provide services to adult learners without diluting the support for the traditional campus based student clientele. Credit Outreach course offerings are cost recovery, self-supported on program revenue alone.

34 Credit Outreach Can also be used by the colleges to facilitate development of innovative start-up programs; experimental programs; and individual, periodic courses, including: – professional development workshops for teachers – certificates – high school students obtaining college credit Numerous campus programs have been started in credit outreach and then moved to campus 102 or 131 funding. Sometimes you hear this referred to as Continuing Education Credit or 189 funding.

35 Doug Stevens 715-232-5269 Stout Online

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