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5/7/2015 BCN Workers' Compensation Office1 Volunteer Management Who They Are and What They Need Part I.

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1 5/7/2015 BCN Workers' Compensation Office1 Volunteer Management Who They Are and What They Need Part I

2 5/7/2015 BCN Workers' Compensation Office2 What Is a Volunteer? An individual who performs service for the institution The individual has no expectation of monetary or material compensation A volunteer can receive reimbursement for expenses

3 5/7/2015 BCN Workers' Compensation Office3 Types of Volunteers Category “A” Volunteer Assignment lasts 3 days or less Category “B” Volunteer Assignment lasts more than 3 days Adjunct/Clinical Faculty Member Qualified to provide special services with appropriate rank and title, ex. volunteer professor

4 Types of Volunteers Continued… Affiliate Neither employee or student, require access to library or secured areas Board of Regents/Volunteer Board Member Military Medical Residents UNCE Office Assistant 5/7/2015 BCN Workers' Compensation Office4

5 5/7/2015 BCN Workers' Compensation Office5 Responsibilities and Rights of Volunteers Must abide by policies and regulations Ethical behavior, confidentiality, financial responsibility, drug/alcohol, sexual harassment, etc. Serve at pleasure of institution Not NSHE employees except for: Workers’ compensation, liability protection

6 Department Rights and Responsibilities Informing volunteers of departmental policies and procedures Sexual Harassment Training (Other mandatory training such as Defensive Driving, if applicable) Can terminate volunteer status at the discretion of the institution without notice or cause Can establish their own screening process 5/7/2015 BCN Workers' Compensation Office6

7 5/7/2015 BCN Workers' Compensation Office7 Volunteer Eligibility Eligible to work in the United States U.S. Citizen, permanent resident, or non-citizen national Visa Types: J-1, F-1, H1-B, or TN NSHE Employee Work cannot be performed in home department Fair Labor Standards Act An employee cannot be a paid employee and a volunteer while performing the same type of work for the same employer

8 5/7/2015 BCN Workers' Compensation Office8 Eligibility Continued… Students Volunteer services cannot be part of a for-credit assignment Exception: Student driving on field trip must be a volunteer with a Drivers’ Acknowledgment form completed and must take the Defensive Driving Training.

9 Volunteers Who Are Minors Must complete any department training Certificate or email stating training is complete attached to agreement Complete description of duties must be provided Volunteer Agreement must be signed by Parent or Guardian Cannot interfere with schooling Must be at least 14 years of age 5/7/2015 BCN Workers' Compensation Office9

10 5/7/2015 BCN Workers' Compensation Office10 Volunteer Process Each Volunteer, except for Volunteer A (3 days or less of service) must complete the required paperwork: Volunteer Agreement with written description of duties Data Form Policy Acknowledgment Form NSHE BCN Volunteer Program Form

11 5/7/2015 BCN Workers' Compensation Office11 Process Continued….. If Access required: Social Security Number must be provided verbally to the department. Do not email. WolfCard Affiliate Application If Minor Must attach department training (email, certificate, etc.) and full description of duties If Adjunct Faculty Must attach CV and Volunteer Agreement, approved by the Vice Provost Volunteer Packet must be submitted to BCN Human Resources within the same month the Volunteer begins working

12 Volunteer Management Each Department needs to maintain a list of all active volunteers, along with their job duties. BCN Risk Management solicits this list and related changes in January and July of each year. 5/7/2015 BCN Workers' Compensation Office12

13 5/7/2015 BCN Workers' Compensation Office13 Questions About Volunteers Adria White 682-6105 Susan Dunt 682-6107 Web Address http://bcn- http://bcn-

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