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1887 - 2005 Pratt Institute Statistical Presentation.

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1 1887 - 2005 Pratt Institute Statistical Presentation

2  General Information  Institute Ranking  Institute Organization  Student Information  Academic Programs  Faculty & Staff  Finance  Pratt on Web

3 General Information ● Pratt Institute was founded 1887 by Charles Pratt, an industrialist who made his fortune in petroleum. The first class in art consisted of twelve students, and began in October of 1887. ● The Institute is organized into four schools on two campuses. The schools are: Art and Design, Architecture, Information and Library Science, and Liberal Arts and Sciences. ● Pratt employs more than 800 full-time, visiting and adjunct faculty members, who are working professionals in the arts, architecture, design and business. ● Pratt Institute enrolls more than 5,000 students, including Continuing Education students and Munson-Williams Proctor students. ● Pratt’s operational budget exceeds 120,000,000 dollars. About 20% of it represent expenses for student financial aid.

4 General Information ● Students of Pratt Institute generate 125,000 credits yearly in more than 80 majors. ● Pratt students represent 47 American states and 55 foreign countries. ● The number of Pratt alumni is about 28,000. ● Institute campus consist of 30 buildings on 25 acres. ● Pratt Library was the first free public library in the USA Pratt Library, 1906

5 Institute Ranking Pratt Institute is ranked by the US News and World Report magazine among the top schools in the country in the field of Art and Design. Pratt’s Painting program ranked as 10th in the nation, and Printmaking Program is 8th, together with Yale University Printmaking Program. Pratt’s Fine Arts program ranked 19th in the US, higher than the Art programs of such universities as Berkley, Stanford, or Cornell.

6 Board of Trustees VP Student Affairs Director Institutional Research & Assessment President Academic Deans Libraries Continuing Education. Registrar Institute Organization VP Enrollment Management VP Institutional Advancement VP Finance and Operations Provost ……………. Academic Senate ……. Residential Life Health & Counseling International Affairs Student Activities Budget Human Resources Facilities Security Public Relations Alumni Affairs Communications Grants and Giving Admissions Marketing Financial Aid Denotes Advisory Role

7 Student Information 19701975198019851990199520002004 Undergraduate3,1983,4033,4942,8112,4902,0082,9213,623 Graduate9251,1481,0068618941,3321,2971,489 TOTAL4,1234,5514,5003,6723,3843,3404,2185,112 Headcount Enrollment

8 Student Information Headcount Enrollment ‘2004 by School Number of Students Percent Architecture79916 Art & Design3,27564 Liberal Art & Sciences1242 Information & Library Science2415 Center for Continuing Education67313 TOTAL5,112100

9 Student Information Headcount Enrollment ‘2004 by Ethnic Origin Number of Students Percent Black4058 Asian1,00520 Hispanic3597 White2,71753 Unspecified62612 TOTAL5,112100

10 Student Information

11 Domestic Students by State

12 Student Information Foreign Students by Region

13 Student Information Degrees Conferred

14 Academic Programs Ten Most Popular Majors

15 Academic Programs Credits Taught, Fall Semesters

16 Academic Programs Credits Taught by School SchoolCredits Taught, Fall 2004 Architecture9,502 Art & Design38,533 Liberal Arts & Science11,720 Information & Library Science1,440 TOTAL61,195

17 Faculty and Staff Employees Headcount, Fall Semesters 199019972004 Faculty *525607861 Administration175163196 Staff Clerical/Secretarial1117159 Maintenance745450 Technical241613 Security413230 Total Staff250173152 Total Employees9509431,209 * Includes faculty administration and chairpersons

18 Faculty and Staff Faculty Members by Rank and Status, Fall 2004 Professor Associate Professor Assistant Professor InstructorTOTAL Full-Time5235230110 Adjunct43698027219 Visiting1252234207505 TOTAL107156337234834

19 Faculty and Staff Female Faculty

20 Finance Revenue and Expenses

21 Student Financial Aid Finance

22 Pratt on Web

23 Pratt on Web

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