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1788: Financial Crisis May 5, 1789: The meeting of the Estates General.

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2 1788: Financial Crisis

3 May 5, 1789: The meeting of the Estates General

4 June 20, 1789: Tennis Court Oath (Creation of National Assembly)

5 July 14, 1789: The Storming of the Bastille

6 July/August 1789: The Great Fear

7 Aug. 4, 1789: Nobles give up privileges, end of feudal old regime

8 Aug. 27, 1789: Declaration of the Rights of Man

9 October 4, 1789: Women’s March to Versailles

10 Nov. 1789, July 1790: Church Reforms- Confiscation of Church Lands Resolves Financial Crisis

11 June 20, 1791: The Flight to Varennes (Louis XIV & family attempt to leave France)

12 April 1792: Legislative Assembly declares war on Austria and Prussia

13 August 10, 1792: 2 nd time mobs storm Tuileries Palace, imprison King & family (end of monarchy)

14 Sept 2:Danton speaks out against those who oppose revolution Rallying cry in streets: “Let the blood of traitors flow…” By Sept. 7, 1000 dead September Massacres (1792)

15 January 23, 1793 The Execution of Louis XVI by guillotine

16 1793-1795 Reign of Terror (thousands of suspected anti-revolutionaries executed) "Terror is nothing other than justice, prompt, severe, inflexible.“ "Softness to traitors will destroy us all." - Maximilien Robespierre

17 1795-1799 The Directory (weak and ineffective committee gov’t)

18 The people are tired of chaos, want stability Bonaparte is a war hero 1799- Coup d’etat by Napoleon Bonaparte

19 Long term effects Conservative reaction Decline of French power Spread of Enlightenment ideas Growth of Nationalism Rise of International Organizations Revolutions in Latin America Immediate Effects End of ancien regime Execution of Monarchs War with First Coalition Reign of Terror Rise of Napoleon Effects of Revolution

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